Total solar eclipse to be seen over parts of South America

The Last Total Solar Eclipse Was Several Years Ago. Credit PA

The Last Total Solar Eclipse Was Several Years Ago. Credit PA

Depending on the position of the earth moon and sun during the eclipses, they can be partial or total meaning they will be hidden from the sight for a brief period of time either partially or fully.

This solar eclipse will be the second such phenomenon in 2019 and will continue the "eclipse corridor", which began on January 6.

Tens of thousands of tourists and locals gaped skyward Tuesday as a rare total eclipse of the sun began.

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"Very seldom has it happened that the whole of an eclipse is seen over an observatory, the last time this happened was in '91", Matias Jones, an astronomer at the landmark La Silla Observatory operated by the European Southern Observatory, told AFP.

The crown is the sun's external atmosphere, extending a large number of miles into space. From diet during the solar eclipse to different activities that can be performed, there is an endless list of questions that pop up in the event of an eclipse. Interestingly, a total eclipse occurs in the exact same spot every 360 to 410 years. This strategy allowed passengers to observe totality for more than 8 minutes, compared to the 2.5 minutes that people in southern Chile and Argentina got.

On Tuesday, people in parts of Chile and Argentina caught a fleeting glimpse of a total solar eclipse, an event that occurs when the moon completely blocks the sun and casts a shadow on Earth. Astronomers in Buenos Aires province offered yoga and meditation classes during the eclipse, which were also partially visible in other South American countries.

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In Junin, Argentina, totality is required to start around 5:42pm local time (20:42 GMT) and end at 5:44pm (20:44 GMT). You can also practice meditation during the eclipse.

A total solar eclipse in Siberia in 2008.

Be that as it may, as the moon uncovers the sun, NASA stated, individuals might be found guard, presenting their eyes to conceivable harm from the sun's UV rays. Suggestions for viewing an eclipse include using protective eyewear for welding torches.

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Thousands of visitors also trekked to neighbouring areas of Argentina where the eclipse also will be total. We talk to Dr Ikeda Lal, Delhi-based opthamologist, who clarifies numerous doubts about solar eclipse and what is it that people should actually do during an eclipse. Everyone in North America was able to view at least a partial eclipse, with totality crossing 14 states. While the eclipse will not be visible from India, enthusiasts have a number of streaming options to not miss the same.

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