Pompeo arrives in Saudi Arabia as Iran threatens US drones

IDF steps up preparedness as tensions rise in Gulf

Trump says 'did not send that message' to Tehran warning of attack

Zarif's remark about the USA military having no business in the Gulf appeared to refer to an earlier tweet in which Trump said other countries should protect their own oil shipping in the Middle East rather than have the United States protect them.

The latest round of sanctions denies Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and senior military figures access to financial resources and blocks their access to any financial assets they have under U.S. jurisdiction.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who is also campaigning to lead the Conservative Party and become the new prime minister, told the Daily Mail newspaper over the weekend that "we will stand by the United States as our strongest ally, but of course we have to consider any requests for military support on a case-by-case basis".

He said the supreme leader was ultimately responsible for what Trump called "the hostile conduct of the regime".

Trump's national security adviser John Bolton stepped in during a visit to Jerusalem Sunday with a blunt warning, saying Iran should not "mistake USA prudence and discretion for weakness" after Trump called off the military strike.

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These sanctions come in addition those announced by the U.S. earlier since President Trump pulled the United States out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA, also called the Iran nuclear deal) demanding Iran should shut down its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles programmes and give up "malign activities" in the region.

He said, "I look forward to the day when sanctions can be lifted and Iran can be a peace-loving nation".

Why did Iran shoot down a USA drone? Vice President Mike Pence told CNN on June 23 that the administration remains doubtful that the drone attack was authorized "at the highest levels", of Iran's leadership. The administration needs to get ahead of events, as we will all be better off if Iranian officials start to see that the best option for all involves cooler heads driving toward a less violent Middle East.

Tehran has sought support from the remaining signatories to the 2015 agreement to provide the economic relief it wants, especially with its key oil exports as the US has tightened sanctions in an attempt to cut off Iranian oil shipments.

Mr Trump said the new sanctions were not only in response to the downing of the drone. Iran said the unpiloted, $130-million spy drone had flown into its airspace.

But US military officials maintain the drone was in global airspace over the Strait of Hormuz at the time.

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FILE - This June 13, 2019 file image, released by the USA military's Central Command, shows damage and a suspected mine on the Kokuka Courageous in the Gulf of Oman near the coast of Iran.

"Iran has been engaging in these attacks that affect many countries around the world...this is not limited to the United States and Saudi and UAE - I think what's required is an worldwide response", said Hook.

The Treasury Department, in a news release, said "any foreign financial institution that knowingly facilitates a significant financial transaction for entities designated under this Executive Order could be cut off from the US financial system". His administration is aiming to cripple Iran's economy and force policy changes by re-imposing sanctions, including on Iranian oil exports.

Khamenei, who was initially elected president of the nascent republic in 1981, has "possessions" worth an estimated at $200 billion, according to a Facebook post by the US embassy in Baghdad in April.

Iran dismissed the cyber attacks as a failure.

Allies of the United States have been calling for steps to defuse the crisis, saying they fear a small mistake by either side could trigger war. It sits atop a vast network of tyranny and corruption that deprives the Iranian people of the freedom and opportunity they deserve, he said. On Monday, Pompeo met King Salman as well as the king's son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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