Burger King Jumps On "Stranger Things" Bandwagon With Upside Down Whopper

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Coca-Cola CNN

Of course, you can simply turn a sandwich upside down yourself, although it wouldn't come in that tubular retro packaging.

"The King of flame-grilling is turning upside down", wrote Burger King in a press release. A video posted to Twittershows off the promotional meal, which is really just a Whopper with the buns flipped. Upside Down. And it's only being served at eleven (Eleven, get it?!) locations- in Miami, Houston, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and NY. Burger King will also offer limited-edition T-shirts, pins, crowns and ketchup packets. Naturally, the reference is to the alternate dimension called "the Upside Down", which plays a key role in the Stranger Things story. Customers are not typically loyal to any particular brand, so fast-food companies resort to oddball, sometimes outlandish marketing tactics or insane food creations to draw in customers.

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In 2017, Wendy's famously challenged a teen to get 18 million retweets to score free nuggets for a year (he got the nuggets and set a record for the most retweeted tweet).

The streaming platform is also partnering with a number of other companies, including Lego, H&M, Schwinn and Baskin-Robbins, to promote the upcoming season. Oh, and don't forget "The Hopper Meal", named for David Harbour's burly police chief.

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This is the second big Stranger Things marketing tie-in Coke's got its hands in, adding to its big New Coke comeback. Those who do so will also be treated to "exclusive" content from the show.

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