Pelicans looking at multi-team deal for AD, preferably before draft

Celtics quiet as Pelicans set the bar for Anthony Davis trade

Celtics quiet as Pelicans set the bar for Anthony Davis trade

David Griffin and the New Orleans Pelicans appear to be softening their stance on trying to keep Anthony Davis on the roster.

The Pelicans are reportedly seeking a package that includes an All-Star player, a young player with All-Star potential, and multiple first-round draft picks. Those wants are on a sliding scale. The Pelicans, however, surprisingly won the lottery and will have the No. 1 pick in the 2019 draft, which is widely expected to be former Duke star Zion Williamson. The Bucks and Clippers may too, for all we know, given their league-wide appeal and the fact they were once held in higher regard than 25 other teams in the league. Danilo Gallinari might be the closest thing L.A. has to a current All-Star, but he was drafted 11 years ago and hasn't ever made an All-Star team. For example, the better the player, the softer the asks on the draft picks - and vice versa. It would be one interesting market full of big stars that the Lakers can get and negotiate. The Suns, meanwhile, will use their pick to grease the wheels of the transaction, and grab a point guard, a position of need and what they're reportedly trying to do with the pick. But if they make the call, this is what the trade would look like.

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Griffin is also the former GM of the Cleveland Cavaliers, so there are connections between all three teams and there should be a desire on all three sides to get this deal done. Williams, meanwhile, is an athletic freak of a project who fits into the Pelicans' time frame. But according to new rumors, the six-time All-Star no longer prefers a trade to the Clippers.

The Lakers engaged the Pelicans in trade talks in February but those fell apart before much traction had been gained. Of course, many believed that Davis' agent, Rich Paul, pushed for the trade just so he could link Davis up with his most famous client, LeBron James. If everything works out, they could end up being that third team.

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I think fans are also kind of hoping Davis hangs around in New Orleans.

For now, Woj's report simply means the Bulls, owners of that No. 7 pick, could be back in play as a potential trade partner for Davis.

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