Each Halo The Master Chief Collection PC Game To Cost $10

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If you own both a PC and an Xbox console Microsoft thinks you might be interested in the new Xbox Ultimate Game Pass. Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed that Xbox One owners will have a chance to try xCloud for themselves in October via console streaming, allowing them to stream games from their Xbox One to a variety of devices, including smartphones. For $14.99 a month, you will be able to access all the Xbox Game Pass titles, as well as the benefits of Xbox Live Gold.

"Overall, I thought it a great showing, particularly as we head into next generation consoles in 2020", analyst Piscatella said of the Xbox E3 event.

I don't mean to use that term lightly - if Microsoft is to be believed, this machine should see you enjoying a top-notch gaming experience several years into the future.

They say that all good things must come to an end but Microsoft is making sure it won't end on a sad note.

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Microsoft showcased as many as 60 new games for Xbox and PC at its big E3 press conference.

Last might Microsoft announced Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a subscription services that rolls Game Pass, Game Pass PC, and Xbox Live Gold altogether into a single £11 a month subscription.

Halo Infinite will release globally with the Project Scarlett Xbox console. As a launch game for Project Scarlett, the next Halo is still a ways off, but we don't know anything more about the game now than we did when Microsoft announced it at E3 previous year.

The subscription-based service gaming service will cost $5 per month but will launch at an introductory fee of $1 per month, according to the Microsoft website.

Watch Dogs Legion Releases in March 2020, First Gameplay Revealed
You can find the channel in which the press conference will take place so that you could tune up as soon as it starts. With yesterday's press conference left behind us, we're looking forward to seeing what Ubisoft has in store.

Microsoft has revealed the first teaser trailer for a next-generation version of its all-time classic PC game flight Simulator. The console will also use a solid-state drive as virtual RAM, which will help games load much faster.

Microsoft also unveiled the new Xbox Elite controller at E3 today. Given that all games are now programmed with multiple hardware targets and often with support for dynamic resolutions, there could be an immediate graphical benefit for Xbox One games on Scarlett.

Still, it would have been nice to have seen some more surprising announcements at E3, just for those of us still clinging to our Xbox One X's in the hopes that there'll be an exciting new exclusive or two to play on it before the next-gen.

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