What To Expect At E3 2019

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Gears 5 release date set for ‘Fall 2019’ and will launch on Xbox Game Pass

All the big companies (except Sony, the bloody hipsters) are gearing up for the biggest games show of the year, and Microsoft seems to be leading the charge.

With a Playstation 5 release not expected to come until 2020, major hardware announcements are likely off the table at the trade show.

But what are we going to see in those two hours?

FIFA Street is returning through FIFA 20’s VOLTA Football
Experience VOLTA football at an underpass in Amsterdam, a neighbourhood cage in London, as well as a high-rise rooftop in Tokyo. The latest instalment of the long-running football series will be coming out on September 27 .

Of course, Todd Howard could be pulling our legs when he says that Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 won't be at the show, but those are both still a while out and in recent years Bethesda has shied away from talking about games that are a long way off. Square Enix is also expected to show off Avengers game, along with the popular RPG title that is a remake of Final Fantasy VII.

Maybe we'll see whatever it is Ninja Theory is working on - they were acquired by Microsoft previous year, after all. We'll nearly certainly hear more about Project xCloud too, which is slated to begin testing this year. The usual suspects of a new Halo and Gears of War will undoubtedly be showcased, and there are strong rumours of a Fable 4 debut. Regardless of what's revealed, Microsoft's press conference is going to be a big one.

There are a few ways that you can catch all of the announcements and news from the Nintendo Direct during E3 2019, but there's no in-person viewing for those attending.

John Cena Confirmed for Fast and Furious 9!
So, sorry to disappoint you, person who expected John Cena to play a cowardly weakling in the next Fast & Furious movie. The first Fast & Furious spinoff, Hobbs & Shaw will be released in theatres later this August.

Below you'll find the full schedule for every press conference, including start times for a variety of timezones. The company will show the new title Rebellion, and maybe various numbers of developers such as Chucklefish, Raw Fury, Annapurna Interactive, Epic Games, Perfect World Entertainment, and Paradox Entertainment.

We may even get a release date for Mario Kart Tour, which is Nintendo's next smartphone game, too.

EA will be hosting its Play event on June 8 at 9:15 AM PT (9:45 PM IST) and will be streaming the event live via its Twitch channel. Phil Spencer has also teased there will be 14 first-party games shown off during this year's conference.

Police raids sought to intimidate media: ABC Chair
It's understood the names of ABC's director Gaven Morris and journalists Dan Oakes and Sam Clark are against the warrant. A similar raid was carried out earlier this week at the home of a journalist in Australia's capital, Canberra.

Interested in catching all the E3 2019 action? Luckily for you, we'll be covering E3 2019 right here at SlashGear, so keep it here throughout the weekend and the beginning of next week for all the big news you need to know.

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