Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - E3 2019 Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Jedi Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order video shows you can shoot a man with his own laserbeam

The skies look gloomy, tortured with light, and in combination with the authentic laser sounds, moody soundtrack and *skreeees* of overhead Tie Fighters, allays any fears that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will lack for scale or spectacle.

A small detail revealed during the EA Play stream is that Cal's droid friend BD-1 is voiced by Ben Burtt, the sound designer behind the Star Wars films and helped create numerous iconic sounds like the sound of a lightsaber. Cal's Force powers were also revealed, showing how the young Jedi takes on the Stormtroopers following the rise of the Sith prior to the events of A New Hope.

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Some of the combat styles include the ability to throw lightsabers or Force push or pull enemies onto them. They talked for a short while before we moved onto gameplay of Kashyyyk, a point that takes place about three hours into the game.

The gameplay we saw showed wallrunning, lightsaber combat and force abilities being used in tandem with each other.

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This all reminds us of a particular cancelled Star Wars game that was in development for years. We saw a variety of Force powers, ranging from opening doors to creating bridges by pushing over obstacles to Force pushing enemies into one another. Though I think The Last Jedi is the most interesting Star Wars for how it revisits and subverts the roots and inspirations of the megabrand, so what do I know. There's also a couple of glimpses of the hostile environment he'll be facing across the new planets players will get to visit:Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is due to streamed during EA PLAY at 9:30am PT on June 8th.

"The Empire won't stop until every Jedi is purged from the galaxy".

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A New Jedi Story Begins - As a former Padawan on the run from the Empire, you must complete your training before Imperial Inquisitors discover your plan to revive the Jedi Order.

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