Pokemon Direct Details New Characters and Plot of the Galar Region

New Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer reveals a tonne of new features including new Dynamax battle mode

'Pokémon Sword' and 'Shield' come to Nintendo Switch on November 15th

During the Direct, Game Freak also confirmed that the games will have a fully-movable camera system (no more locked perspective!) and a "wild area" that features a dynamic weather system. The internet is as excited for new Pokémon as I am.

In the Direct, it initially seems that Pokemon appear on the overworld map only within the Wild Area, but according to a press release from The Pokemon Company, we'll see wild Pokemon wandering around the entire region. Just keep in mind that again, this is digital, and the patented special Nintendo Pokemon hardware bundle will probably appear in the wild at some point.

We already know that Sword and Shield will take place in the Galar region, that Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble are the three starters for Generation 8, and that this will be the best-looking Pokemon game ever made.

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Of course, you can also make your own Pokemon stretch their bodies to ten times their size through a new mechanic called Dynamax.

You and your rival will be getting help from a brand new Poke Prof, known as Professor Magnolia, along with her assistant Sonya. But there is still plenty we don't know, which is why the live stream today is so exciting for Pokemon fans.

Finally, the two main legendary Pokemon for Sword and Shield were revealed today.

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In the past, Pokemon games have varied greatly.

Oh, and the game's legendaries are essentially big woofers: Zacian and Zamazenta. While exploring towns, you will see more NPCs and will come across more instances of humans and Pokemon working together in shops and other buildings.

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