Apple Enforces User Data Security with New Updates

After 18 years of music Apple announces plans to push stop on iTunes

Apple Announces New Mac Pro, 6K Display

With iOS 13, Apple claims your iPhone will launch apps faster, the amount of storage apps use up will be reduced, and Face ID will become faster, too.

That created confusion, with many users assuming everything iTunes-related is going by the wayside, which isn't the case.

Other added features include the new Calculator app and the Voice Memos app that were only previously available to iPhones and iPads.

TV and movie purchases will migrate to the Apple TV app.

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A larger protest is planned for Dublin on Thursday. "I want that, I like that". "He's a bully", said protestor Chris Murray. The ban went into force in April following a protracted legal battle that went all the way to the US Supreme Court.

In a press release, Apple said that users would have access to their entire music library, exclusive Apple TV channels, over 100,000 iTunes movies and TV shows, as well as thousands of podcast shows now available in the iTunes catalog. Users will be able to import their existing music libraries from iTunes to the Apple Music app.

"Its role as a music app has already diminished... what Apple is doing is saying that to succeed in this world it has to specialize in everything - it can't be a generalist". Currently, iTunes handles device syncing. The App Store Review Guidelines makes it clear that those apps and mobile websites that do not comply with the new policy, will be banned from Sep 3, 2019. Now you can run multiple versions of the same app in Split View, and have them working in different spaces on the screen all at once.

The iPad's Files app is also getting an overhaul in iPadOS, and now it'll feature a column design like the Finder menu on Mac and allow for things like file previews and quick edits.

The original and main focus of iTunes' was music, with a library offering organization, collection, and storage of users' music collections.

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In the new iPad version of iOS, you can long-ish press on an app icon, and it will pop up the same 3D Touch menu as you would find on an iPhone.

As for Apple TV and Apple Books, both apps will have a store similar to the iTunes Store, and you'll buy your movies, TV shows, and books there.

And the first beta of the new operating system provides us with a quick look at how Apple wants to get rid of this feature on new-generation iPhones, but also to disable it on older models.

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