Helicopter rescue of 74-year-old woman goes wildly wrong

Phoenix Fire rescued a hiker in Piestawa Peak

Phoenix Fire rescued a hiker in Piestawa Peak

A rescue gurney carrying a 74-year-old woman on Tuesday who was rescued after suffering an injury on a hike outside of Phoenix, spun uncontrollably in midair while she was being lifted into a helicopter.

Apolinar said there are firefighters stationed on the ground during those rescues to pull on a line and add tension to prevent spin, but if it's a strong, windy day sometimes "it'll spin on us". "Today, it didn't", lead pilot Paul Apolinar said. As she's drawn up in a basket, the video shows the gurney spinning incredibly fast as it rises slowly up into the helicopter, prompting a huge reaction on social media.

Rescue crews at the landing zone gave the woman medication to treat her nausea and took her to a local trauma center.

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Mr Geisel said: "When they start to lower the load, [the basket] does actually start to stop".

According to a U.S. news site, a 74-year-old woman was airlifted after suffering a minor injury during a hike.

After approximately one minute, the basket stopped spinning and the crew was able to transport the woman to the hospital.

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"We're not trying to minimize what happened up there", Dubnow said. Eventually, the forward motion of the helicopter helped slow the spinning to a point where the hiker could safely be brought up to the aircraft.

Yet the victim "suffered no ill effects from that spin", Dubnow said.

He claimed there were reports she had some 'altered level of consciousnesses, feeling dizzy, and unable to assist in walking anymore'. "It doesn't happen very often, and when it does we're trained to take care of it".

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