Mexican President Obrador urges friendship & dialogue with U.S. under looming tariff threat

Mexican president optimistic Trump will reverse tariff plan

Mexico and US trade war of words over immigration after tariff threat

New tariffs against Mexico will begin to bite next week, President Trump vowed Tuesday, unless the White House is satisfied that Mexico's government is acting with new alacrity to stop migrants from crossing into the United States.

Mexico could have several ways if the U.S. moves ahead with the tariff barriers, it could consult to multilateral organizations, such as the World Trade Organization, however, the process would be slow and it could rather hit back Mexico with a further more tariff on selected United States goods, said Mexican Economy Minister Graciela Marquez.

"Unlike much of Trump's agenda, his tariffs don't have a constituency - they're just his personal obsession", Paul Krugman, the Nobel Laureate and famed economist, said in a tweet Monday.

But he said he expects the tariffs could go in place, and USA and Mexican officials will hold immigration-related talks as those tariffs take effect and possibly escalate from 5 percent each month his administration is unhappy with Mexico on its immigration efforts. Trump announced last week that tariffs of 5% on all goods from Mexico would go into effect on June 10, rising steadily to 25% by October 1.

"We're going to see if we can do something, but I think it's more likely that the tariffs go on", Trump said during a state visit to Britain, describing the entry of illegal immigrants to America as an "invasion".

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Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, in Washington for the talks with United States officials, said he hoped Wednesday's meeting could be a starting point for negotiations.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he hopes President Donald Trump's threatened tariffs on Mexico are avoided, saying Republicans are "not fans of tariffs".

But the Washington Post reported Monday that Republican members have started discussing a vote that could see them block the tariffs and Trump's funding shift for his proposed southern border wall via the national emergency he declared earlier this year.

"I think the administration ought to be concerned about another vote of disapproval on another national emergency act, this time trying to implement tariffs".

The president said Khan "has not been a not very good mayor from what I understand" and blamed him for an increase in crime in the metropolis.

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It remains unclear exactly what the Trump administration would consider sufficient migration control to not impose the tariffs.

Given the bank's expectations of an escalation in the ongoing trade war, Goldman analysts have lowered their US GDP forecasts for the year.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross met Monday with Mexican Economy Minister Graciela Marquez. "And if they won't, we're going to put tariffs on".

Mexico has begun a vigorous offensive to avert the US tariffs. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, are also concerned that tariffs could scuttle the president's United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement trade deal. China and Mexico provide us with numerous same kinds of products.

Randy Mullett of Mullett Strategies told TT he believes the president is using the tariff threat as a negotiating tactic. Right now, many American families and businesses that buy those products can avoid the 25 percent tax on Chinese products by buying the same kinds of items from Mexico. "We want trade relations to be strong with one of our most important trading partners, but we also have to be mindful of the threat to our homeland, the threat to our economies, the threat to communities across this country.if we don't come up with a way to secure the border".

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