Apple Is Officially Shutting Down iTunes, Teases What’s Next

Apple is getting rid of iTunes after 18 years: report

Apple Is Officially Shutting Down iTunes, Teases What’s Next

Apple executives are expected to announce a slew of updates at its annual developers' conference on Monday, including the possible end of iTunes almost two decades after its launch, multiple reports said.

As we told you before, Apple wants to break iTunes into pieces, so some of its features would be migrated to dedicated Movies, Podcasts, and TV apps.

Users may no longer need rely on a laptop to manage their Apple gadgets.

Federighi said that app updates in iOS 13 would be up to 50% smaller with 60% fewer updates and the new system would speed up other tasks too, such as Face ID facial recognition unlocking the iPhone XS 30% faster.

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Developer Steven Troughton-Smith told Bloomberg that while the transition may take time, it will eventually eliminate doubling up.

Keep watching this space for more updates, as this is a developing story! Today the market is dominated by streaming music services, Apple Music among them.

So the rumours were true, iTunes is dying.

Apple Music support has been expanded to include in-time, on-screen lyric syncing and Apple Screensavers are expanding to include new environments like Underwater environments.

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So Apple Music will takeover music purchases (as well as streaming), TV will takeover the iTunes Video and TV purchasing, and obviously Podcasts is where you get your podcasts.

The change is reportedly part of Apple's phase into a new generation of apps and software. This is all end-to-end encrypted, said the company. The company launched iTunes in 2001 and its accompanying music store in April 2003, which was called a "revolutionary online music store" because it allowed users to buy, download and listen to music on their devices.

Apple hopes the initiative will rejuvenate a slow-moving Mac app store and native software ecosystem.

Last year's release of the iPad versions of apps such as Apple's News, Voice Memos, Home and Stocks on the Mac was the company's first move towards a unified app strategy.

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iTunes still has a presence on Twitter, but the account's most recent posts have been retweets of Apple TV's posts.

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