Uber to begin banning users with low ratings

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A leaked Uber document in 2015 indicates drivers can be deactivated if their rating falls below 4.6.

Check your Uber App, the company announcing Wednesday it'll start banning passengers who have a low rating from using their service. "Meaning folks impacted by this will have consistently been rated poorly by drivers and, as a result, have a very low rating".

Uber, which is based in San Francisco, allows customers to book...

Parker said polite behavior, not leaving behind trash and not encouraging drivers to break the speed limit are ways to improve scores. Uber pledged to release this report after CNN reported last year that at least 103 drivers in the USA have been accused of sexual assault or of other kind of abuse towards their passengers in the previous four years.

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Two can play. The slightly uneven relationship between the driver and a customer will stand on a more equal footing.

Charges of sexual assault or abuse have supposedly been filed against over 100 Uber driver and more than 15 Lyft drivers in the past year.

Uber executive Kate Parker announced the decision in a blog post on the company's site.

Before being officially ousted from the platform, riders who have exhibited bad behavior will receive several notifications and a chance to boost their rating.

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Uber didn't say what the thresholds will be for passengers to lose access to the ride-hailing service.

Other people said the move by Uber, which is now a near-ubiquitous service in most major USA cities, was akin to China's social credit system, which is created to reward and penalize people based on their behavior.

"Each city has its own minimum threshold which is directly related to the average rider rating in that city", Uber spokesperson Grant Klinzman told NPR. Uber also hasn't said what, if anything, it will do to prevent a rider from simply creating a new account with a different email address, credit card and/or mobile number.

Uber also publicizes its community guidelines, which include a list of terrible behaviours that will get you banned from Uber. To ensure riders are aware of these guidelines, the company is launching a campaign to educate the entire Uber community about these guidelines.

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