Wall Street gains on trade reprieve ahead of long weekend

Huawei faces another huge blow as ARM cuts ties with the Chinese brand

UK-based chip architecture company ARM cuts ties with Huawei following Trump ban

Losing out on that revenue is expected to cost these USA companies hundreds of millions of dollars in the long run, so the ban is a double edged sword that hurts both sides.

PANASONIC CORP: The Japanese electronics giant said on May 23 it had stopped shipments of certain components to Huawei. Google, focused on internet-related services and products, cut its business deals with Huawei that involve the transfer of hardware and software.

The state-owned China Daily newspaper said USA concerns about Chinese surveillance equipment maker Hikvision were for the self-serving aim of claiming the "moral high ground" to promote Washington's political agenda.

The Trump administration last year announced a seven-year ban on USA exports to ZTE after it said the company violated sanctions agreements by selling American technology to Iran and North Korea.

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According to sources speaking with Bloomberg, chip makers ranging from Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Xilinx and others will be freezing their supply to Huawei.

Its Chinese unit later released a separate statement that it continues to supply to Huawei, stressing that transactions not covered by the ban have been not affected.

And now, Microsoft is also joining the bandwagon. The US Commerce Department, however, soon announced that it had provided Huawei with a 90-day license during which it could work with mobile phone companies and internet broadband providers to maintain the current networks online and safe users from any security threats.

Even as Huawei's phones and computers face an uncertain future in the global markets given the President Trump's ban on Chinese companies, in China the trade war is also taking on a patriotic fever. And China says that it won't come to the negotiating table until Huawei is off the list.

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Google makes the Android software that runs Huawei phones, and runs the Play Store used to deliver many of their apps. However, we already know that it has developed its own operating system that will be replacing Android on its devices.

During a time when smartphone sales have been stagnant, Huawei also reported year-over-year growth of 50.3%. Huawei gear has been effectually banned in the USA owing to the Trump administration's argument that the firm poses cybersecurity threat. Earlier this month, President Trump placed another round of tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods.

"In this way, it is hoping to achieve the colonisation of the global business world", the newspaper said.

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