Panasonic halts some component shipments to Huawei amid USA ban

A Huawei logo is seen at an exhibition during the World Intelligence Congress in Tianjin China

Huawei to Launch 5G Network'Tailor-Made for Europe Despite'US Bullying REUTERS Jason Lee

Its move came a day after British chip designer ARM said it had halted relations with Huawei to comply with the USA supply blockade, potentially crippling the Chinese firm's ability to make new chips for smartphones. The company saw itself being put on the Entity List by the US Commerce Department - a list of companies that aren't allowed to buy technology from US based companies without government approval - approval that the US government wouldn't give to Huawei anyway.

The group also said it would phase out the use of Huawei equipment in the most sensitive "core" elements of its network infrastructure. But that doesn't mean things are looking up for Huawei, at least for the time being, as one more critical partner announced its decision to suspend work with Huawei: ARM, whose mobile chip technology is used by countless handset makers.

In Japan, KDDI and SoftBank Corp, the country's number-two and number-three carriers respectively, said they were delaying the release of Huawei handsets.

The U.S. ban on Chinese telecom giant Huawei would pose a threat to Internet access in the U.S. rural areas, a U.S. expert said Wednesday.

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Rodgers said the US appeared to show signs of softening its stance on the negotiated China trade deal forcing President Trump to go "all in" on the Huawei restrictions.

Following the US, Japan has excluded Huawei from public procurement, and Australia and New Zealand have effectively blocked Huawei from involvement in the rollout of their 5G network infrastructure.

Google this week said it would continue to support existing Huawei smartphones but future devices will not have its flagship apps and services, including maps, Gmail and search, with only basic services available.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told CNBC yesterday that Huawei was lying about ties to the Beijing government, and he believed more US firms would cut relations with the technology giant.

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Huawei said in response that it recognised "the pressure" placed on its suppliers, and that it was "confident this regrettable situation can be resolved".

Huawei is possibly the biggest 5G player right now.

Huawei released a statement of its own acknowledging the pressure that has been heaped on partner firms, while calling the U.S. action "politically motivated".

The United States placed Huawei on a trade blacklist last week, effectively banning USA firms from doing business with the world's largest telecom network gear maker and escalating a trade battle between the world's two biggest economies.

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However, it did not clearly mention what products it supplies to the Chinese company.

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