Winners and losers from the 2019 National Basketball Association draft lottery

Can the NBA Draft lottery be rigged? An exploration as the Knicks’ big day approaches

Can the NBA Draft lottery be rigged? An exploration as the Knicks’ big day approaches

They are still expected to go after top-tier free agents this summer as well as engage in trade talks with the New Orleans Pelicans with the hopes of acquiring All-Star Anthony Davis. But watching a small market whose superstar (Anthony Davis) screwed them midseason with a trade demand get lucky and gifted with another superstar was pretty cool. Shams Charania of The Athletic reported as much shortly after the Lottery. It just makes sense from a best-player-available perspective and from a team-need perspective. And how can the Knicks push themselves to the front of that group?

Was the result of their own pick a buzzkill on the surface?

The Knicks also have former Chalmette center Mitchell Robinson, who was second in the NBA with a 2.4 blocks per game average and fourth overall with 161 blocks despite playing just 20.6 minutes per game as a rookie - who didn't play college basketball. Knicks could offer Barrett + multiple first-rounders + more young talent.

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Smith proceeded to rattle off a series of colleagues who seemed to take delight in his misery - and that of New York Knicks fans.

Asked on a conference call with local reporters if he would require a "king's ransom" in order to trade Davis, Griffin replied, "From my perspective, I want Anthony Davis to want what we're doing".

The starting point for the Celtics in any Davis scenario is what happens with Kyrie Irving.

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The Lakers famously failed to trade for Davis at the deadline, offering almost all of its young core and multiple picks.

New Orleans has options now, but it's still in the team's best interest to try to find a way to keep Davis. It's fair to assume the Pelicans wait until after July 1 - when Boston can join the bidding - before they move Davis. The Lakers, according to reports, are one of the teams that Davis would be open to re-signing with, while some reports say they are his preferred destination.

The Pelicans were the biggest winners - and the Grizzlies and Lakers had reason to celebrate as well.

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The Lakers still have enough cap space to sign one max salary star this summer, but their focus should exclusively be on striking a deal with the Pelicans for Davis.

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