Donald Trump to issue order effectively blocking Huawei from US

The Huawei logo is seen at a bus stop in Mexico City Mexico

The Huawei logo is seen at a bus stop in Mexico City Mexico

The US has restricted federal agencies from using Huawei products and has put pressure on allies to shun them.

Liang, speaking on the sidelines of a meeting with Huawei's British technology partners, said the company never meant to be in the eye of a political storm.

That's a big deal.

The official also said that the order, which could be signed as soon as Wednesday, has nothing to do with the recent escalation of the trade conflict with China.

China hawks in the Trump administration have been pushing the president for months to sign the executive order, as the U.S. security and intelligence establishment sounds louder alarms about the Chinese company.

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The U.S., which is embroiled in an escalating trade war with China, also has sounded warnings about Huawei's efforts to expand into Europe.

The Federal Communications Commission recently voted to deny China Mobile access to the USA market and the Justice Department in January charged Huawei with the theft of us trade secrets, along with allegations of bank fraud and violations of Iran sanctions.

Huawei is willing to sign a "no espionage" agreement with the British government and other countries as it tries to counter suggestions that its equipment can be used by Beijing to spy on communications.

Trade talks between the US and China are teetering after Beijing reneged on tentative agreements, according to the president and American officials. "Even if we were required by Chinese law, we would firmly reject that.".

Both Huawei and ZTE have also been targeted by the USA for alleged schemes to dodge American sanctions on Iran.

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The administration official said Wednesday that the Commerce Department was expected to take as long as six months to fashion an approach to the order, so there might not be an immediate effect.

The person familiar with the order said it would not mention any countries or companies by name.

David Wang, Huawei's executive director, said on Wednesday that new USA restrictions on market access will have little impact on the tech giant's business prospects.

The order the White House announced on Wednesday does not name specific countries or companies but the administration has been trying to stop allied nations including the United Kingdom from using equipment from the Chinese tech company Huawei. USA officials say Huawei can build vulnerabilities, or backdoors, into equipment.

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