Kristaps Porzingis apparently bloodied in Latvian street fight

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously there's more to the story considering that Porzingis was traded away from NY and by most accounts wanted to stay in Manhattan.

ESPN's Tim MacMahon reported that the Mavericks believe the 7-foot-3 forward was jumped and fought back before nightclub security broke up the fight. That is when the altercation ensued.

The video appeared to be shot by a bystander, which has been distributed through Troy Hughes on Twitter.

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Here's the video of Porzingis with the bloody face.

"It is our understanding that Kristaps was jumped and assaulted outside of a club in Latvia", the Mavericks said in a statement on Sunday. "We will provide an update when one is available". The former New York Knicks big man was traded to the Dallas Mavericks, and he has been embroiled in a sexual assault case.

The Knicks ended correspondence with the woman in November and last wrote to her that they "decided to retain counsel to represent him and they will be in touch with you shortly".

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News broke in late March that NY police were investigating Porzingis for a 2018 incident in which he allegedly raped his neighbor in Manhattan.

Obviously, this is a bad look for the 7-foot-3 "Unicorn", who has not played in an National Basketball Association game since February 2018 when he torn his ACL.

A Porzingis spokesman did not immediately respond for comment.

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