Iran Feeling the Pressure from US Sanctions

An EU statement called on Iran to continue to implement its commitments under the 2015 deal

An EU statement called on Iran to continue to implement its commitments under the 2015 deal Credit REUTERS Jon Nazca

"If (the Americans) make a move, we will hit them in the head", he added, according to ISNA.

The White House did not reply to request for comment on the sharing of the number.

Another senior commander claimed Iran had the firepower to "hit the United States in the head" during the session in Tehran on Sunday.

Salami meanwhile said a possible war with the U.S. would endanger the US' interests and that he ruled out such a scenario. They also serve as a channel for diplomacy between the two nations though there are other mechanisms for the two nations to communicate.

The U.S. military has sent forces, including an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers, to the Middle East in a move that U.S. officials said was made to counter "clear indications" of threats from Iran to American forces in the region.

"The United States does not seek conflict with Iran, but we are postured and ready to defend USA forces and interests in the region".

The Eurasia Group noted on May 6 that "even if Bolton was simply rebranding a routine deployment" in his announcement, "the blunt language in the statement seems created to intimidate and potentially provoke the Iranian leadership to lash out".

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Meanwhile, the US announced it will deploy additional patriot missiles to the Middle East.

In a tweet on Friday, US Senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy invited his followers to call their senators and tell them to sign on to a bill introduced by Senator from New Mexico Tom Udall to prevent war with Iran.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has said Iran will be reducing its commitments to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), better known as the nuclear deal, which was brokered under the Obama administration in 2015. "Accidents, plotted accidents, are possible".

In the latest tense exchange between Tehran and Washington, Iran's hardline Revolutionary Guards separately said Iran would not negotiate with the United States, a stance likely in part to be meant to discourage Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his moderate allies from taking up a USA offer of talks. Trump rashly rejected that trade-off, and his administration has sought to squeeze Iran with sanctions that could prompt Iran to abandon what's left of the deal.

"Reporting indicates heightened Iranian readiness to conduct offensive operations against United States forces and interests". "But diplomacy with a new language and a new logic".

The Trump administration hopes to compel Iran to negotiate a "new deal" that would cover not only its nuclear activities, but also its ballistic missile programme, reports say. Iran has threatened to do more if signatories do not shield it from U.S. economic sanctions.

The Iranians also rebuffed a recent effort by the U.S. to secure the release of an 82-year-old American citizen, Baquer Namazi, who has been detained in Iran for more than three years.

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"I look forward to the day where we can actually help Iran".

The State Department did not reply to a request for comment.

"I put this offer on the table publicly now - exchange them. United States allies are not happy that this is happening and they say that they will find ways of resisting it", said Zarif.

The #B_Team is at it again: From announcements of naval movements (that actually occurred last month) to dire warnings about so-called "Iranian threats".

Namazi, a former UNICEF official, has been detained in Iran for more than three years.

Member of the German parliament with the Green Party and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee Jürgen Tritten said, "The US appears to be looking for a pretext to escalate the conflict with Iran".

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