New Final Fantasy VII remake trailer shows off Aerith and Sephiroth【Video】

Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay trailer reassures fans it’s all real

State of Play: Final Fantasy VII Remake Returns with New Gameplay, More to Come at E3

Despite years of delays and staff shuffling, Square Enix has confirmed that the long awaited Final Fantasy VII remake will be released in multiple parts.

While the trailer itself looked flashy and exciting, it lacked a lot of specifics about the game, and a few of those are starting to emerge.

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Despite the fact that it was announced as episodic after its reveal, and there's been a bunch of shuffling around as personnel, some folks thought that the game would somehow now be released as one complete work.

In 2015 it was announced that the Final Fantasy VII remake was in development with original artist Tetsuya Nomura working as the director.

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It's now unclear how long the gaps between releases will be, how many parts the game will be broken into, and how breaking up the game will affect the structure of game progression. But given its new teaser trailer released during Sony's State Of Play event, it's clear that the developer hasn't been neglecting the game at all.

The remake looks to employ the fluid, realtime/turn based mashup combat system from Final Fantasy XV with some similar UI elements and commands.

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While the graphics are obviously a major step up in detail from the original game's 1997-level polygon models and CG, it's interesting to see that Square Enix doesn't seem to be aiming for absolute photo-realism. That has caused some consternation among fans, with some wanting a complete identical remake of the original with new graphics, while others want the original game untouched, claiming that it's flawless the way it is. Square Enix said more info about the game will be released in June.

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