Iran's nuclear program as 2015 deal unravels

Mike Pompeo

Mike Pompeo

Iranian state news reports have said Iran does not plan to pull out, but will revive some nuclear activity that was halted under the deal.

According to Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Tehran's backtracking on the agreement was due to external pressure.

Deteriorating relations between the U.S. and Iran in the wake of a series of spats between Mr Trump and Mr Rouhani past year were underlined by Sunday's announcement that United States would be deploying a usa aircraft carrier and a bomber wing to the Persian Gulf over unspecified threats from Iran.

A year after Washington pulled out of the nuclear deal with Iran, President Hassan Rouhani unveiled measures that do not appear to violate the deal's terms yet, but could do so in the future if Iran were to persist on the course he set out. Ultimate authority in Iran is in the hands of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, a cleric in power since 1989, who signed off on the nuclear deal but remains close to the hardline faction that challenges Rouhani.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton said Sunday that the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier group was being deployed to the Middle East ahead of schedule.

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Under the 2015 accord, Iran restricted the capacity of its uranium enrichment program in exchange for a lifting of most worldwide sanctions. The EU vowed to work on keeping legitimate trade with Iran, together with third countries interested in supporting the JCPOA, including through the special objective payment vehicle "INSTEX", which the EU set up earlier this year to keep trade payments-including oil trade-with Iran open.

During his speech, Mr Rouhani said that Iran will stop selling heavy water, which is a component of making nuclear weapons and nuclear energy that is not radioactive.

Iran's nuclear program actually began with the help of the United States. The sanctions have had a devastating effect on what was already a weak Iranian economy.

"If the counterparts do undertake any new measures Iran will return to the previous situation" before it cut its commitments, it reported, without elaborating on which commitments Iran would step back from.

The Wall Street Journal cited European diplomats as saying that Iran may ramp up research into centrifuges that could produce highly enriched uranium more quickly.

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While neither Shanahan nor Bolton elaborated on the gist of USA intelligence, other US officials told Reuters there were "multiple, credible threats" against US forces on land, including in Iraq, by Iran and proxy forces, and at sea.

Washington has also ended waivers for nations buying Iranian crude oil, a key source of revenue for Tehran.

Currently, the accord limits Iran to enriching uranium to 3.67%, which can fuel a commercial nuclear power plant. That's compared to the 10,000 kilograms (22,046 pounds) of higher-enriched uranium it once had. Iran will also stop selling enriched uranium within the 60 days. Iran has previously enriched to 20 percent.

Speaking to reporters in Moscow, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Zarif said Iran would be partially withdrawing from the 2015 agreement. The Stuxnet computer virus, widely believed to be a joint U.S.

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