JP Morgan and Microsoft partner to drive adoption of enterprise blockchain

Microsoft Details Azure AI and Machine Learning Improvements

Microsoft Azure recovering from major networking-related outage that took out Office 365, Xbox Live, and other services

The beauty of distributed ledgers is the ability to model a database and financial system exactly to the needs you have without significant annual cash outflow, and Microsoft allowing users to set up a cloud-enabled blockchain with minimal resources may be a stepping stone from corporate held databases to individual databases. Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Microsoft Cloud and AI Group. The service began to recover around 2:30pm, although Microsoft had yet to sound the all-clear as of this writing and warned that it could take some time to get everyone back up and running. Unreal Engine 4 support will come out in May, to help developers create mixed-reality experiences. We are in the process of final validation to ensure full recovery. Many developers don't yet know how to write code for blockchain. However, Microsoft Azure will likely offer Ethereum's public blockchain to their customers down the line.

The company is also introducing a cloud-based blockchain service.

Mississippi River rising in Iowa
The river is a key transportation artery for shipments of grain, agricultural chemicals, energy products and other commodities. The breach of the levee came as Iowa and Minnesota were bracing for flooding. "We are definitely vulnerable to a rain event".

The company will help developers and data scientists apply AI to any solution through Azure Cognitive Services which can give applications the ability to see, hear, respond, translate, reason and more. The category groups together Azure's Content Moderator and Anomaly Detector services, as well as a new service called Personalizer, which is now in preview. Microsoft is adding a new category of service that it's calling "Decision". Cognitive Search, which uses machine learning to enable searching across disparate data types (such as OCR-scanned images, PDFs, and handwritten notes) is being promoted to general availability. These include automation, a visual, drag-and-drop machine learning interface for creating models without any code, and improved support for Nvidia's TensorRT and Intel nGraph for hardware-accelerated machine learning models.

Azures Cognitive Service is a collection of APIs to intelligent algorithms that developers can use to perform image recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, anomaly detection, and other intelligent tasks.

Barr Stand Off Escalates Tensions Between Trump and Congress
Now we have Graham offering Mueller a chance to finally set the record straight about Barr's summary. I didn't know that a President could ask an attorney general to open an investigation.

Microsoft has announced a partnership with JPMorgan Chase surrounding its blockchain platform, Quorum.

MLOps capabilities with Azure DevOps integration provides developers with reproducibility, auditability and automation of the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ fans exposed to measles at midnight premiere, LA officials say
Authorities say the woman attended a midnight show of the movie on April 26 at the AMC theater which is located at 1001 S. Now health officials are trying to contact other moviegoers who may have been exposed to the highly contagious disease.

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