Taylor Swift Just Unloaded Her New Single 'ME!' Featuring Brendon Urie

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Taylor Swift's brand new single 'ME!' has already racked up millions of listens within the first day of its release but it looks like we all missed a major clue it was going to be released nearly two years ago!

Swift said "ME!" highlights individuality and empowering people to be themselves.

Taylor Swift's 13-day countdown came to an end on Friday, giving Swifties exactly what they wanted.

"I'm the only one of me".

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Taylor Swift fans have been counting down the hours until the clock strikes midnight and it's safe to say their collective patience will be rewarded!

This morning, her "FBI level" stans found a mural in Nashville, Tennessee that had 13 hearts - Taylor's favourite number - as well as cats.

Fans are obsessing over the part of the video where she's offered an engagement ring, which she rejects, but then she's offered a cat, and she's into it. A universal symbol of metamorphosis, you know, caterpillars, cocoons, the whole shebang, it makes sense that Swift is channeling butterflies to signal her own transformation from the edgier "Reputation".

This new era continues that trend. "It makes it more fun for me to create music videos knowing they'll care about little easter eggs or clues or hints", she told Roberts. This is a fun theory I will never let go of even if Swift marries four men and releases a song called "Me: I'm straight". Between leaving clues on social media and crafting music in the studio, Swift somehow finds time in her busy schedule to have a true relationship with her fans, both online and in person.

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Update: The wait is over Taylor Swift fans!

Swift's unusual shout-out in the bridge is also a reference to her past: she was a Spelling Bee Champion years ago.

And Kim Kardashian, 38, appeared to take a subtle jab at the pop star, 29, on her Instagram Story Thursday night, when she shared a collection of snake-themed jewelry to her page.

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