Iain Duncan Smith 'sad' about Ann Widdecombe joining Brexit Party

Donors are reportedly frustrated at Theresa May’s lack of Brexit progress

Donors are reportedly frustrated at Theresa May’s lack of Brexit progress

Mrs May a vote of no-confidence from her own MPs in December, but won the motion with the support of 117 MPs.

Widdecombe stressed that she would still vote for the Conservatives in upcoming local elections but would stand for the Brexit Party in the European Union elections in order to ensure Brexit is delivered.

Mr Corbyn, however, put the blame for lack of progress on the Government's refusal to shift on its "red lines".

One of the petition's signatories, Greig Baker of Canterbury Conservatives, told BBC Radio 4's World at One: "Removing Theresa May has become like a trip to the dentist".

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Under party rules, a year has to pass before another vote can be called.

But if more than 65 local Conservative associations demand one via a petition, then an extraordinary general meeting has to be called.

The Sunday Times reported that Mrs May will be told within days that she must step down by the end of June or face a fresh effort by MPs to oust her.

Members of the influential Tory backbench 1922 Committee held talks in Westminster on Wednesday but a majority was not reached to change party rules.

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Widdecombe was earlier rumoured to be considering leaving the party after she campaigned hard for Brexit and was appalled by the failure to deliver on the Article 50 commitment to leave on March 29.

One thing that may well focus the minds of previously-recalcitrant Conservative MPs who have been unwilling to support her deal is that if the European elections do go ahead, as now seems likely, there can be little doubt the Conservative party will be punished at the polls even by their own members and officials for how Britain's departure from the European Union has been handled - an extraordinary 40 per cent of Conservative councillors have already indicated they are likely to support Nigel Farage's Brexit Party. Just 23.1 per cent said they were still loyal to the Conservatives.

He suggested that a "really bad result" next month for the Tories could lead to Mrs May being forced out of office.

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