American voters should read the Mueller report then turn the page

Ocasio-Cortez Says She Plans to Sign Rep. Tlaib’s Impeachment Resolution: ‘Mueller’s Report is Clear’

Washington politicians respond to release of Mueller Report

Josh Blackman, a professor at the South Texas College of Law Houston, said to find that the president obstructed justice, Mueller needed much clearer evidence that the president acted exclusively with "corrupt intent". Attorney General Barr's refusal to release the full report and underlying materials prevents Congress from doing our constitutional duty.

"Later, the president asked Porter a few times in passing whether he had spoken to Brand, but Porter did not reach out to her because he was uncomfortable with the task", Mueller wrote.

Plenty of others will remain plenty preoccupied by it, starting with House Democrats, who now face a choice: Focus more on Mueller's investigation or on the 2020 election.

"Papadopoulos had suggested to a representative of that foreign government that the Trump Campaign had received indications from the Russian government that it could assist the Campaign through the anonymous release of information damaging to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton". As part of that investigation, FBI agents questioned Trump's newly-installed national security adviser, Michael Flynn, in January 2017, and it quickly became apparent Flynn lied during the interview.

The report offers insight into the strained relationship between Mr Trump and his first attorney general, Jeff Sessions. He is a good guy.

The special counsel wrestled with what to do with his findings, unable to charge or exonerate, and sided with the department's guideline that indicting a sitting president would impair the ability of the executive branch to function. Mr. Lewandowski unsuccessfully tried to arrange a meeting with Mr. Sessions to deliver the message, then asked Mr. Trump's then-deputy chief of staff Rick Dearborn to pass the order on instead.

Trump pressed the point with a follow-up call.

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But none of these contacts, Mr. Mueller found, provided evidence that the Trump campaign and the Russians were working together.

The push-back campaign began even before the public glimpsed the two volumes covering 448 pages. Over the next couple of weeks, he called Comey twice and made the same request.

Russian Federation has repeatedly refuted any claims of interference in the USA political system, saying the allegations were made up to excuse the election loss of Trump's opponent as well as deflect public attention from actual instances of election fraud and corruption.

The findings of the Mueller report are just to be added to his list of known offenses, along with mocking the handicapped, trashing the reputation of a dead war hero and senator, making undocumented immigrants out to be killers and rapists, demonizing Muslims, lying about paying off a porn star, defending white supremacists, mocking people's physical appearance, running a scam "university", cozying up to autocrats and pushing away allies, supporting the irresponsible anti-vaccination movement, closing down the government in a fit of pique.

"Haven't seen it and don't follow those issues", he told AAP.

A month later, Trump fired Comey.

When Comey refused to tell a congressional hearing in May 2017 whether Trump was being investigated, Trump decided within days to fire him.

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He's alleging that "notes" some people said they took after meetings with him didn't exist until they were created for the Mueller investigation. "But one thing I focus on, as a state attorney general, is a lack of a certain independence of the U.S. attorney general has from the president, and we see that throughout the report".

Mueller said his investigation was unable to establish that such contacts with Russians met the bar of criminality which required that the contacts "amounted to an agreement to commit any substantive violation" of US laws, including those governing campaign finance and foreign agent registration.

Substantial evidence indicates that the president's attempts to remove the special counsel were linked to the special counsel's oversight of investigations that involved the president's conduct.

The report, a redacted version of which the Justice Department released Thursday, disclosed a previously unknown episode in which Rosenstein, resisted Trump's efforts to get him to take the blame for the firing of FBI Director James Comey. McGahn took no such steps, however.

In saying why it didn't make a "traditional prosecutorial judgment", Mueller cites that policy but not the inconclusiveness of the evidence.

Donald Trump's lawyers and advisers repeatedly rebuffed attempts by the president to halt Robert Mueller's investigation, according to the special counsel's report published on Thursday.

"There also is evidence that the president knew that he should not have made those calls to McGahn".

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