April's "Full Pink Moon" Visible Friday

Full 'Pink Moon' will rise in the night sky this Easter

A 'pink moon' is coming: What you need to know

The moon is officially going to be full at 7:12 a.m. EST on Friday, so it will look full on Thursday night and completely full on Friday.

This Friday, April's full "Pink Moon" will be on display - its name, however, is quite deceiving.

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Unfortunately, the moon isn't actually pink (yep, we were disappointed too), and gets its name from the name Native Americans gave to April's Full Moon, back in the days when the lunar calendar was used to track the seasons.

NASA has previously explained the cycles of the moon and how its appearance changes, stating that: "We always see the same side of the Moon, because as the Moon revolves around the Earth, the Moon rotates so that the same side is always facing the Earth". In January, the full moon was called the Wolf Moon because wolves are known to howl whenever it appears. According to the Farmer's Almanac, this month's Pink Moon marks the arrival of one of the early spring flowers: moss pink or wild ground phlox.

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A pink moon is on it's way as Nick Drake would say. The name was derived from a herb called Moss Pink Phlox, which blooms around this time of the year in the U.S. and Canada. If you see an image of a green moon this year, now you'll know you're being hoaxed.

"The number of Moon names differs slightly tribe to tribe, but many assign either 12 or 13 Full Moons to the year". For best viewing check your local moon rise and set times. April is called the "Pink Moon", May is the "Flower Moon" and June is the "Strawberry Moon".

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So this is the ideal full moon to reorganise your daily routine, reinforce your relationships, and cut out any bad habits. The moon will reach its Full Moon phase at 11.12 am UTC. The moon will still appear full on Friday night. The full moon occurs roughly every month.

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