Redacted Mueller report out this week

Trump Questions Why 'Radical Left Democrats' Should See Mueller Report

When Mueller’s Full Report is Released White House Aides Intend to Focus on These Two Unanswered Questions: Report

Two days after receiving the 400-page report, Barr sent a four-page summary to Congress, concluding that Mueller's findings didn't show the Trump campaign conspired with Russian Federation.

Barr wrote Congressional leaders last month with the special counsel's top-line findings, revealing that Team Mueller concluded that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russian Federation. But with Mueller not reaching a decision on the obstruction issue, Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein decided no obstruction charges against Trump were warranted. The attorney general then sent Congress a four-page letter that detailed Mueller's "principal conclusions". Barr filled that void by asserting there was no prosecutable case. Barr said that he reviewed Mueller's evidence and made his own determination that Trump did not commit the crime of obstruction of justice.

Nadler noted that Barr, before he became the country's top law enforcement official, wrote that Trump could not obstruct justice because the president "is the boss of the Justice Department and could order it around to institute an investigation, to eliminate an investigation or could not be questioned about that".

White House lawyers have reportedly been briefed on the Mueller report, but are not expected to invoke executive privilege to block other information from being released.

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'The president's latest comments come days after he called the probe an attempted "coup"...'

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III.

Since Barr released his letter, Trump has set his sights on the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and accused the Justice Department of improperly targeting his campaign.

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One example of such an entanglement was the proposal to build a Trump tower in Moscow, a deal potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars that never materialised.

On MSNBC former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI, Frank Figluzzi, just said experts believe 50% - 70% of the report will be redacted.

Barr said in a letter earlier this month that he is scrubbing the report to avoid disclosing any grand jury information or classified material, in addition to portions of the report that pertain to ongoing investigations or that "would unduly infringe on the personal privacy and reputational interests of peripheral third parties".

Another focus is whether Mueller will disclose anything from his inquiries into Middle Eastern efforts to influence Trump. The warrant was obtained after Page had left the campaign and was renewed several times.

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