International Scientific Teams Unveils First Photo of Black Hole

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"The picture from the M87 galaxy emphatically confirms the models we have of rotating black holes". And it could change our view of the universe, revealing some of its most mysterious and fundamental processes.

The first image of a black hole in the center of distant galaxy Messier 87 and its shadow, captured by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), in this undated handout image released April 10, 2019. "It is an absolute monster, the heavyweight champion of black holes in the Universe".

Black holes are phenomenally dense celestial entities with gravitational fields so powerful no matter or light can escape, making them extraordinarily hard to observe despite their great mass.

The unveiling at the nation's capital took place nearly exactly a century after Albert Einstein became famous for his theory of general relativity, which led to a new conception of the cosmos where space-time could bend, expand, or even disappear into a black hole forever.

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Sagittarius A* is our closest black hole, but "closest" is a relative term.

They are so powerful that nothing near them - not even light - can escape their gravitational draw.

Peter Galison, a physics professor at Harvard University who co-founded Harvard's interdisciplinary Black Hole Initiative (BHI), compared the imagery's potential impact to that of the drawings made by English scientist Robert Hooke in the 1600s, which showed people what insects and plants look like through a microscope, the report said. But the picture wasn't nowhere near as sharp as the depictions of black holes you've seen in movies such as "Interstellar."

While Broderick said he was "not terribly surprised" by the discovery given the "long history of Einstein being proven right" on issues around general relativity, he expressed hope that Wednesday's announcement would lead to new scientific breakthroughs. After all, that's what Albert Einstein had predicted a century ago. If the prediction turns out to be off the mark, the theory may need rethinking. The theory of special relativity explaining the relationship between space and time. "To see the stuff going down the tubes, so to speak, to see it firsthand". One light-year is 5.9 trillion miles, or 9.5 trillion kilometers. This monstrous black hole which has 4 million times greater mass than our sun will be unveiled to the public today by Event Horizon Telescope.

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Most black holes are the condensed remnants of a massive star, the collapsed core that remains following an explosive supernova.

Even though a black hole itself is not visible directly, it is thought to be surrounded by dust and gas swirling around it at velocities near the speed of light, which causes the emission of radiation that is detectable.

In the image, the dark circle represents the "shadow" of the black hole and its boundary, created by the glowing material that surrounds it.

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