Horror Story: Woman's Infection Caused by Bees Living in Her Eye

Doctors discover four live bees feeding on tears inside woman's eye

Doctors find bees in Taiwanese woman's eye, feeding on her tears

A woman in Taiwan, surnamed He, went to a hospital recently with a swollen eye.

Believing a bit of soil had been flicked into her eye, she washed it out with water, but it began to swell up and she felt a stinging pain under her eyelid, reports CTS.

Later that day, He made her way to the Fooyin University Hospital in Taiwan's Donggang Township in the country's south in search of answers from medical professionals. Hung Chi-ting, the head of ophthalmology at Fooyin University Hospital said at a news conference.

A doctor treating a woman for a swollen eye was shocked when he found four tiny bees living under her left eyelid. They also drink tears for their high protein content, according to a study by the Kansas Entomological Society. If she had, it could have worsened her inflamed cornea or potentially led to blindness, Apple Daily Taiwan and other media outlets reported.

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Sweat bees have short tongues, which come in handy for lapping up human sweat and has earned them their name.

Ms. He was visiting a loved one's grave during the annual Chinese Qing Ming tomb-sweeping festival when the wind blew dirt into her eye.

Hung pulled the sweat bees out of He's eye one at a time and under a microscope without damaging their bodies.

These little bees are known to live near graves and fallen trees, according to an ophthalmologist who treated her.

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Dr Huang explained to reporters that even though sweat bees do not attack people, they are attracted to the perspiration of humans.

"She was wearing contact lenses so she didn't dare to rub her eyes in case she broke the lens", said Hong. "If she did she could have induced the bees to produce venom... she could have gone blind".

According to Hung, had He delayed her visit any longer, doctors might've have to remove the eye in order to save her life. She is expect to make a full recovery.

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