Nipsey Hussle managed to utter a few words after being shot

Lauren London T.I. Kodak Black

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This week, it re-entered the chart - and climbed two spots to land at No. 2 - after his tragic death March 31, bringing four of its formerly unheralded fellows with it. Billboard reports that Crenshaw, Slauson Boy 2, The Marathon, and Mailbox Money all entered the chart for the first time after Nipsey's death prompted an nearly 3,000% increase in sales and streaming over the past week. To disrespect the King Nipsey and The Queen Lauren, is where I draw the line. "She might need a whole year to be crying and sh** for him", Kodak said, noting insensitively that London is now single. I'll give her a whole year. But after Nipsey collapsed to the ground from the two gunshot wounds, they said Nipsey managed to say: "You shot me, you got me, I'm good". To all you other people trying to act like you little boy-ing me, if that's how y'all want to feel, I'm in Georgia right now and tomorrow I'll be in Norfolk Virginia. "I ain't tryna shoot at her, I'm just tryna be a shoulder to lean on for her..."

Kodak Black administered an apology on Instagram, which didn't seem honest after backtracking when he says he's sorry. He says the rapper - who lives in Pembroke Pines - attacked an adult-age high school student in a hotel room after performing in Florence.

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During a live broadcast Saturday on Instagram, the 21-year-old rapper expressed his intention to romantically pursue London, less than a week after Hussle was killed. For all those out there that wanna disrespect and play with royalty, I advise you to think "THRICE". "Even though I didn't".

"However, I will say this, I'm not here for the blatant disrespect and fake ass apologies", the longtime radio host wrote. Don't try to little boy me on the internet'. He was with Lauren for five years until his death, and share a 2-year-old son Kross.

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Radio host Big Boy from Real 92.3 also spoke out against Kodak Black, saying "Hip Hop has been very disrespectful lately".

He was pronounced dead at the hospital, while the other two men are in stable condition.

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