USA businesses wary of Trump's border threat to Mexico

Trump says he'll slap tariffs on Mexico if it doesn't stop flow of drugs and migrants

Trump retreats from Mexico border closing, threatens car tariffs instead

It's become a complete mess for trucks hauling goods from Mexico to the us, snarling transport at some of the busiest border crossings in the world.

"Also, I'm looking at an economic penalty for all of the drugs that are coming in through the southern border and killing our people", Trump told reporters in Washington before departing for southern California where he will visit the border. Barriers in Calexico, which amount to a 30-foot-tall, 2.25-mile length of steel slats, had replaced an existing fence and were in the works since at least 2009. And if they apprehend people at their southern border where they don't have to walk through, that's a big home run.

When touring the miles of border wall with President Trump, border patrol agents made it clear that thanks to the new wall construction they are safer and able to do their job more efficiently.

Before leaving for California on Friday, Trump said he still "may shut it down at some point", but that he was focused instead on issuing tariffs against automobiles from Mexico as a potential punitive measure. This strategy, put in place in 1994 by President Bill Clinton, focused immigration enforcement on population centers, effectively shunting migrants off to more harsh, remote crossings. "If they don't we're going to tariff their cars at 25 percent".

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Last week, Trump threatened to close the USA border with Mexico to stop a spike in migration.

Meanwhile, the lower house of the American Parliament (Congress) House of Representatives has filed a federal lawsuit against Trump's decision to build a wall on the border. And metering, in which people are asked to return to a busy port of entry on another day to seek asylum, may have encouraged asylum-seekers to cross illegally, said Andrew Selee, president of the Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan think tank. "We have agriculture industries across the country that desperately need workers". But a Border Patrol official in Texas said in March that the migrants are being coached by human smugglers on how to pass the "credible fear" test that allows them to stay in the USA while their asylum claim is pending.

It wasn't immediately clear how Trump's threat of vehicle tariffs would affect the agreement, and the president indicated he didn't care.

Around 200 protesters, accompanied by a giant inflatable balloon depicting Trump as a baby, were waiting for the president in Mexicali, the town on the Mexican side of the frontier.

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California and 19 other states that are suing Trump over his emergency declaration to build a border wall requested a court order to stop money from being diverted to fund the project.

Though Trump, who has pulled a series of about-faces in recent days, walked away from this threat to close the border, he still intends to highlight conditions at the boundary with Mexico.

The governor says the president's rhetoric disregards the Constitution, the justice system "and what it means to be an American". The Trump administration has not completed any new mileage of wall or fence anywhere on the border since taking office.

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