Pelosi: Congress Will Sue to Block Trump Border Wall Funding

Trump’s critics are wrong about the border crisis. So is Trump

Central American migrants walk on a road in Tapachula Chiapas State Mexico on March 28

In a stinging rebuke, the Democratic-controlled House passed legislation to terminate the emergency Trump declared at the US-Mexico border but Trump issued the first veto of his presidency in March to block that measure.

"Mexico understands that we're going to close the border, or I'm going to tariff the cars".

Last week, Trump had said he would give Mexico one week to increase apprehensions of migrants from Central America from coming toward the USA - and threatened a border closure as a outcome.

Trump backed away from the possibility of closing the border, noting that Mexico had done more in recent days to return Central American migrants back to their countries since he threatened to close the border last week. "No one is above the law or the Constitution, not even the President".

Will program cut fund border?
But administration officials were hard-pressed to explain how, exactly, cutting off aid would improve the situation. It is estimated that $500 million of the $620 million now being expended in the three countries would be affected.

"Closing down the border would have potentially catastrophic economic impact on our country, and I would hope we would not be doing that sort of thing", McConnell said.

The emergency declaration already faces a number of legal challenges.

Meanwhile on Thursday, Trump backed away from his repeated threat to immediately close the southern USA border with Mexico, but raise a new specter of eventually slapping tariffs on vehicle imports from Mexico unless it does to stop immigrants.

"I don't play games", Trump said.

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Responding to Trump's threats, Nielsen rushed home late Monday night from Europe, where she was attending G7 security meetings and meant to fly to the border mid-week to assess the impact of changes already made, including reassigning some 2,000 border officers assigned to check vehicles to deal with migrant crowds and new efforts to return more asylum seekers to Mexico as they wait out their case. Instead, he said he'll give Mexico a "one-year warning" to curb the flow of drugs into the U.S. If the Mexican government failed to do this, he would implement punishments. "I am not kidding around", he said then, exasperated by the swelling numbers of migrants, thousands of whom were being released into the US because border officials had no space for them.

Trump plans to visit the border at Calexico, California, on Friday.

Trump has been increasingly exasperated by the swelling numbers of migrants entering the US, including thousands who have being released after arriving because border officials have no space for them.

Over the past week, the president has threatened to shut down the southern border but tamped down his rhetoric after Republicans and administration officials warned him of the potential economic ramifications.

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