Welch: Trump health care turnaround blindsided GOP

Trump Care

News Trump’s Obamacare trash fire will burn Alabama Today 6:32 AM Trump Care By J.D. Crowe

Vermont Senator and potential 2020 candidate Bernie Sanders weighed-in over the weekend on President Trump's recent push to repeal and replace Obamacare; saying the White House's latest proposal would result in the deaths of "thousands of people". They had built no consensus among Republican politicians or voters.

And now that they have lost the majority, Republicans have virtually no chance of passing any legislation that would repeal and replace President Barack Obama's signature health care law.

"Was this a good week for the Trump administration?"

The ruling Thursday by U.S. District Judge John Bates in Washington, D.C., is the second setback in a week for the administration's health care initiatives.

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In the Texas case, Trump could lose by winning.

The uncertainty hasn't stopped Trump from tying himself and his party to the issue.

According to The Hill, Republican senators said there hadn't been any substantial conversation between the administration and key lawmakers before the Department of Justice filed a brief in federal court supporting a Texas judge's ruling that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional and should be invalidated.

The aide said, "I think he just sort of listed names", of senators who normally work on healthcare. "No", said economist Gail Wilensky, who headed up Medicare under former Republican President George H.W. Bush. We nearly did it but somebody unfortunately surprised us with thumbs down, but we'll do it a different way. (This flies in the face of the government's obligation to defend the statutes passed by Congress, but that's a matter for others to comment about.) Donald Trump said that the Republicans would present a health care plan that would be better than Obamacare, and cost less. After losing in Congress, Trump is counting on the courts to kill off "Obamacare". The ruling is on appeal.

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The tweet comes after he said Barrasso, Scott, and Cassidy were already working together to replace the ACA on Thursday. No such working group appears to exist, however.

Graham said that the Republican plan should "reaffirm and ensure that preexisting conditions are covered so that no American can be denied health care coverage", "reallocate the funds now spent on Obamacare fairly among the states", and "empower the states to chart their own course in providing high-quality health care".

On Tuesday, Trump told ABC News Senior Congressional Correspondent Mary Bruce that "the Republican Party will soon be known as the party of health care". But with no clear GOP replacement plan, Mulvaney provided few details on how he could make such a guarantee. He says Republicans are working on a replacement plan, but Congressman Peter Welch says that simply isn't true.

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