Valve’s New VR Headset "The Index" Quietly Revealed, Coming May 2019

What do we know about Valve's new VR headset? Not much beyond this image

Enlarge What do we know about Valve's new VR headset? Not much beyond this

To put things into perspective, the last Half-Life game or episode was released back in 2007. Along with the VR headset valve will also launch VR controllers.

In fact, Valve filed a series of trademarks for "Valve Index" in December 2018 with American and European IP bodies USPTO and EUIPO. The page shows off a single picture of the headset, as well as the following text, "Upgrade your experience". Gaben is obviously teasing us.

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Until now, Valve was pictured as a helping partner to HTC to build its Vive headsets.

We'll be bringing you all the news of the Valve Index launch when it happens, but in the meantime, you might want to hold off on that VR headset purchase. That is, in conjunction with the Half-Life news, more than a little to look forward to!

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The Valve Index appears to have two cameras in the front, and some type of adjuster at the bottom. We only got a side view of the headset, but the company promised that more information would be revealed in May.

With these pages going live on Steam, an announcement may be imminent, hopefully with specs that give us a sense of how Valve's own hardware will be different from the HTC Vive and the newer Vive Pro, now the main SteamVR headsets. I truly hope we see a new industry defining moment where Valve could knock all other game developers and digital distribution platforms on their ass.

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