More Details Emerge on New Nintendo Switch Models

Nintendo Switch

Report: Nintendo Is Releasing Two New Switch Models

Nintendo has reportedly been in talks with partners about the new hardware for months.

That said, keep your salt shaker close. Such offerings aren't without precedent for Nintendo; the 2DS is an intentional "downgrade" of the 3DS, delivering a cheaper and more friendly option aimed at the younger segment of Nintendo's audience.

A report by The Wall Street Journal (which can be read in full on Reddit) claims that Nintendo has an "enhanced" variant of the Switch in development, bolstered with features "targeted at avid videogamers". Eurogamer describes the split evolution as akin to the 2DS and New 3DS vs. the original 3DS, one model being cheaper and sleeker while removing some defining features to drive down price while the other is a marked upgrade over the original design.

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Nintendo Switch was the best selling console past year but it is coming towards the middle of it's lifespan. It's not official until Nintendo makes it so. While it's nowhere near as powerful as the Sony PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Xbox One, its combination of portability and an unmatched array of first-party titles cemented its appeal among gamers.

Intriguingly, the report goes on to claim that the lower-cost Switch model is doing away with things like controller vibration in an effort to cut costs.

It should be mentioned: there's some element of mystery here.

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So says the Wall Street Journal, which spoke to anonymous suppliers and developers who have knowledge of Nintendo's plans. Again. Hey, we all do unusual things when we're bored, only Odin can judge me back off man. It appears that Nintendo Switch will be no exception to that, and there could be as many as two new models of Switch releasing as soon as later this year.

The company launched the Switch as what was widely seen as its "last roll of the dice" following the failure of the Wii U to capture the public imagination.

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