Huawei’s new laptops can pair with a phone with one tap

CEO confirms Huawei P30 Pro's Quad Rear Camera Setup unintentionally prior to the launch!

This Huawei P30 Pro prototype reveals a very different device

The success of the device has prompted Huawei to release a sequel, and the company has announced a refreshed MateBook X Pro 2019 model.

The MateBook 14 features the same characteristics that define its family of products: FullView display, premium craftsmanship, sophisticated design and incredible performance. You can further add a more powerful external GPU using the Thunderbolt 3 port on board, which can also be used to attach a 4K display.

The technology has been introduced on the Chinese firm's new flagship laptop, the MateBook X Pro, which has been announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The MateBook 13 is made completely out of aluminium and is a mere one and a half inches thick. Both Matebook X Pro models will have the MX 250 GFX and touchscreen, but the rest is different.

Huawei claims that the new MateBook X Pro's 57.4-watt-hour battery will last for 12 hours of web surfing, a claim we look forward to testing ourselves. That means that MateBook models made for the USA won't have an NFC chip built-in. The Wi-Fi speeds can reach up to 1733Mbps which is apparently double than that of the previous gen MateBook. Finally, the MateBook X Pro's fan was also improved so you can expect better heat dissipation and efficiency, as well as less noise.

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Beyond that, in terms of hardware, everything will stay the same. The FullView display on the MateBook 14 supports a resolution of up to 2160x1440, at 185ppi-which is visibly superior to 1080p displays with 157ppi. You still get the same high-res, 3000 x 2000-pixel screen, with superslim bezels.

Evidently, our source says the prototype Huawei P3O Pro has a "highly reflective chrome finish" that takes up smudges and easily scratch, an indication that we might actually be working with an unfinished device. Still a touch panel, though, and bezels are impressively thin. Hardcore users (including ourselves) have criticized the original MateBook X Pro for having a gimped half-speed Thunderbolt 3 port and a weaker 10 W GeForce MX150 GPU - attributes that Huawei didn't explicitly mention in its advertisements. Huawei hasn't announced USA pricing and availability yet, but if those prices hold up, it will be much more expensive than the original, which topped out at $1,499 and started at $1,199.

The Intel i5 MateBook 13 starts at $1,449 CAD, while the MateBook 13 with an Intel i7 processor comes in at $1,749 CAD, says Huawei. There was a slight lag, and the feature didn't always work. You can also use this to capture screenshots of your desktop and transfer them to your phone, and should you shake and tap you're able to record the active screen.

Artistic, innovative and intelligent, the new Huawei MateBook 13 and MateBook 14 combine FullView displays with high performance, extreme portability, great build quality and stylish looks.

Though you do get a built-in HDMI port on the MateBook 14, something the X Pro doesn't have. These machines are upper-midrange devices meant to slot in between the X Pro and the D/E ranges. This has a 3:2 aspect ratio display, something which is there in MateBook 13 and 14 as well. Huawei rates the MateBook 14's screen at a slightly dimmer (vs the MateBook X Pro's 450 nits) 300 nits. There are two standard USB-A connectors - one USB-A 2.0 and one USB-A 3.0. The new model will carry the same chassis as the existing MateBook X Pro and so the changes are largely internal.

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There's also a variation in the ports offered, though all have at least one USB-A and USB-C, they don't offer the recessed camera, costing screen space.

Another revelations from the reported P30 hands-on: Since this prototype doesn't have a 3.5mm plug, any dream of Huawei reviving the headphone jack in the P30 after axing it with the P20 line seems kaput.

HP certainly offers a broader, more rounded software package for the professional, but Huawei makes much of interoperability between phone and PC, with a greatly expanded Huawei Share package on the new notebooks.

Henry T. Casey, Henry is a senior writer at Laptop Mag, covering security, Apple and operating systems.

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