Walmart allegedly working on game streaming service

Google Chrome To Add Support For Nintendo Switch Controller

Nintendo And Sony Shares Drop Following Google's Stadia Reveal

Asked about growing public concerns about game addiction, Mr Harrison said Stadia would empower parents with controls on "what you play, when you play and who you play with".

Google Stadia a game streaming service brought to the market by Google which aims to provide a gaming experience to everyday consumer.

Google Chrome To Add Support For Nintendo Switch Controller
Walmart considering a gaming service like Google's Stadia, says report

The news was from broken by 9to5Google last month, who in turn made found a report about the planned update on a Chromium Gerrit page.

Some industry experts are sceptical about how well the platform will function as few details - save for Doom Eternal having been revealed as one of the first titles on the platform and that it will be released in "the US, Canada, the United Kingdom and much of Europe" later in 2019 - have been revealed by the company.

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The approach could limit Google's revenue from Stadia.

Google unveils that the Stadia can run on any type of screen whether it will be a laptop, TV, mobile phone, tablet.

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Stadia is due to be released later this year, available to the US, Canada, Western Europe and United Kingdom . The platform is cloud-based and will run exclusively on streaming, saving users from purchasing consoles or computers. "It can only be circumvented with a download-based system that functions great with fast and slow connections and still lets you play games as soon as possible". CEO Sundar Pichai, who once said he plays Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 "quite a bit", introduced the Stadia gaming service during his special keynote at the event, describing the service as a platform for everyone. This will give developers the opportunity to enable cross-platform multiplayer and game saves and progression. The controller connects through Wi-Fi directly to the game running in the Google data center. The controller will look like a blend between an Xbox and PS4 controller and will be connected directly through Wi-Fi to link the Stadia service to a game session in the cloud. It's not just that there are multiple companies working on this, they're also trying different approaches. All the rendering part of the games will be done in the Google Cloud with the specialized AMG Graphics. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

The Google Stadia will release in late 2019.

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