NZ to hold two-minute silence for victims

Zaid Mustafa son and brother of mosque victims Khaled and Hamza Mustafa leaves after their

Stringer. Reuters Zaid Mustafa son and brother of mosque victims Khaled and Hamza Mustafa leaves after their funera

New Zealand will announce sweeping reforms to its gun laws within days following the mosque shooting attacks in Christchurch that killed 50 and injured scores more.

She renewed her government's commitment to accept refugees, saying: "We are a welcoming country".

He also thanked her for recognising the bravery of Dr Naeem Rashid, a Pakistani victim of the massacre who was reported to have saved lives by trying to tackle the attacker.

Bush said they believe they know where the gunman was going for a third attack when officers rammed his auto off the road but won't say more because it's an active investigation.

"This is not just an issue for New Zealand, the fact that social media platforms have been used to spread violence, material that incites violence, all of us I think need to present a united front", she said.

Women mourners pray during a funeral of a Friday March 15 mosque shooting victim at the Memorial Park
Grieving New Zealand looks for lessons from Christchurch attack

Asked if she was concerned about a rise of right-wing nationalism in her country, Ardnern told CBS News partner network BBC News that while it was an Australian citizen who committed the atrocity, "that is not to say that we do not have an ideology in New Zealand that would be an affront to the majority of New Zealanders". "Not even his name".

"Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh", she said in Arabic, translating to: "May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you too". "While identification may seem straightforward, the reality is much more complex, particularly in a situation like this".

Another six bodies are expected to be ready for release at noon Wednesday, taking the total to 27, NZ Police Commissioner Mike Bush said.

The bodies of some of the victims were being washed and prepared in a Muslim ritual process on Tuesday, partly with the help of volunteers flown in from overseas.

"If it's murder charges, then what the Crown has to prove is that people died, that he meant to kill him, and so there's just less scope for all the other ideological stuff".

Hero Who Used Shotgun To Chase Off NZ Mosque Shooter Describes Confrontation
He added that if the shooter had managed to enter the mosque all of the worshippers would probably have been killed. He later picked up a gun dropped by the shooter but found out there was no bullet in it when he pulled the trigger.

"I don't agree with what you did. That you have great potential in your heart", said Farhid Ahmed, 59.

About 30 people wounded in the attacks remained hospitalized as of Tuesday evening. Nine of them, including a four-year-old girl, were in a critical condition.

Ms Ardern has said she supports a ban on semi-automatic weapons and that Cabinet has made in-principle decisions to change gun laws, which she will announce on Monday.

New Zealand will hold two-minutes of silence on Friday to mark a week since the terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch. The Nationals draw support from rural areas, where gun ownership is high. "We will examine what we did know, could have known or should have known. I'm willing to look at anything that is going to enhance our safety - that's our position", Bridges told TVNZ. But Jacinda's Ardern's response to the Christchurch attack has been admired perhaps because it has felt honest and sincere.

Brenton Harrison Tarrant dismissed his lawyer on Saturday.

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Ardern also stated that although social media was not the cause of the massacre, it played a role in enabling hate to spread.

She said the gunman "obviously had a range of reasons" for his acts and that "lifting his profile was one of them". They are the publisher.

Under New Zealand law, a trial is "to determine innocence or guilt", Peters said.

Social media companies have long argued that they are not responsible for what is put on their platforms but Ardern has countered that they can not simply be "all profit, no responsibility".

"Racism breeds extremism. I alone can not do that by myself".

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The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism said Monday that it added "digital fingerprints" for the visually distinct videos to its list.

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