Where the investigations related to President Trump stand

Donald Trump predicts he'll be re-elected in 2020 with increased majority

Trump Attacks the Russia Investigation in CPAC Speech

He took aim at the Democrats' Green New Deal, a policy proposal floated by some liberal Democrats in Congress and backed to varying degrees by several of the party's 2020 presidential candidates.

'When the wind stops blowing that's the end of your electric, ' he said. But Trump campaign officials would have a strong defense if they could show they did not know soliciting such help violated campaign finance laws.

Democrats have a 40-seat majority in the House.

More than half of USA voters think it is unlikely that Democratic congressional investigations into President Donald Trump and his inner circle will lead to impeachment, according to a poll released Tuesday. Now, Cohen says Trump's Russian business involvement extended for months after that.

The top U.S. Democrat, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has tried to temper talk about impeaching Trump, noting the process is "divisive".

One guest scoffed that Mueller had been empowered to investigate crimes he came across "in the process of investigating whatever the heck it was he was authorized to investigate".

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Cohen has been sentenced to prison for three years after pleading guilty to financial crimes and to lying to Congress that Trump's Russian business overtures ended in January 2016 at the outset of the presidential campaign. He went into a meeting and said, 'We're going to look into his finances.' I said, 'Where did that come from?' He always talked about Russian Federation, collusion with Russian Federation.

"There is a case to prosecute against Trump with regard to his record in office".

Past administrations, both Democratic and Republican, have said a president's ability to conduct foreign affairs requires an ability to shield both internal discussions and worldwide negotiations from the reach of Capitol Hill. Their impeachment of Clinton and focus on the scandal backfired with voters, allowing Clinton to regain the political momentum and costing Republicans congressional seats.

"I think the New Green Deal or whatever the hell they call it - the Green New Deal - I encourage it", Trump said mockingly as he wound up for a round of exaggeration. "The president made the choice and he's doing a good job at it". The president reiterated his previous criticism of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whom he fired a day after the November midterm elections, calling him "weak" for recusing himself from Mueller's investigation. His supporters, who are fiercely loyal, will probably see claims of wrongdoing as proof there is an Federal Bureau of Investigation conspiracy against Trump, energizing them further.

"Over the last several years, President Trump has evaded accountability for his near-daily attacks on our basic legal, ethical, and constitutional rules and norms", Nadler said.

He predicted he would win re-election by a greater margin than his victory in 2016 - and taunted his potential White House challengers.

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Obama easily won seven of the region's counties in 2012, but Trump won them all in 2016. "Can you imagine if we left interest rates where they were?"

The American people deserve a Congress that works with the President to address serious issues like immigration, healthcare and infrastructure.

The impeachment of President Donald Trump suddenly looks like much more than just a theoretical possibility. "We're going to check...' - these people are sick".

- Materials that might shed light on Trump's negotiations over the duration of a real estate project in Moscow, which Trump concealed from the voters even as the GOP primaries were underway.

"Listen to exactly what he said". Democrats "don't like Trump and they are trying every angle to take him out".

Given that he believes that Trump obstructed justice, Nadler was asked on "This Week" whether the decision not to pursue a formal impeachment investigation at this point was merely a political distinction. She said this past week that the bank is cooperating with requests for documents. "People are so sick of it". He said the order doesn't set a bad precedent for future administrations because Democrats are "going to do that anyway, folks".

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He railed against Chinese tariffs on American goods and said the USA loses $500 billion a year to the world's second biggest economy - "such a disaster".

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