Rep. Omar won't apologize for new comments, Dems plan anti-Semitism rebuke

Top Foreign Affairs Dem Rebukes Jew-Hater Ilhan Omar For “Vile Anti-Semitic Slur”

Muslim Congresswoman Strikes Again, Facing New Anti-Semitism Charges

On Wednesday, House leadership will introduce a resolution (pdf) to the floor calling out anti-Semitism in American life and politics. He expressed outrage over the comments Omar made last week during an event in Washington, D.C. She complained about why it wasn't "OK" for her to talk about the "political influence" Jewish Americans have had on US policies. In response, House Democrats are expected this week to present a resolution condemning anti-Semitism. Twice this year, Omar has apologized for tweets that critics said had anti-Semitic overtones, but she has instead defended her latest comments questioning Israel supporters' "allegiance" - arguing that she is only raising questions about Israeli government policy and American support for it.

Some Republicans have called for Omar to be removed from her seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee, which has jurisdiction over U.S. -Israel relations, but two people involved in the drafting of the resolution said that was not under consideration. "I am sure we agree on that!", she told Ms. Lowey as if Ms. Lowey's support for Israel was not in the interests of the 17th Congressional District of NY.

A dark day for the Democrats, surely.

As I've been saying right along, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is a disgrace to her constituents in Minneapolis and the rest of the Fifth District.

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She claimed Omar had demonstrated "a willingness to listen+work w/impacted communities", in a past apology despite Omar's lack of an apology for her most recent remarks last week.

Ms. Omar went on to say that "I have not mischaracterized our relationship with Israel, I have questioned it".

"Israel has and remains a stalwart ally of the United States because of our countries" shared interests and values.

It is unknown as of yet if it will specifically name Omar, but there is little doubt it is aimed squarely at her recent comments, which Republicans and many fellow Democrats have denounced as unacceptably anti-Jewish.

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But while Tlaib's long-running ties to genocidal Jew-haters, Holocaust deniers, and apologists for the Shiite supremacist terror group Hezbollah are now out in the public domain, it is Omar's tripling down on the infamous "dual loyalty" canard that is the immediate cause of the resolution's being brought to the House floor.

"And her attack on supporters of Israel is an attack on America", Dershowitz warned. "I have questioned it and that has been clear from my end", she wrote. All of Congress was wrong, including both GOP & Dem Party, and led my generation into a disastrous + wrong war that virtually all would come to regret, except for the one member who stood up: Barbara Lee'. "We all take the same oath". AIPAC is a nonprofit organization that works to influence USA policy. Furthermore, she said, the strong condemnation of anti-Semitism is not being matched by the condemnation of statements about Hispanics and other minority groups. Plenty of Dem members have asserted that discussion + debate on this issue is fair and merited.

The Muslim congresswoman has also come under fire for a 2012 tweet, in which she wrote: "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel".

House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., responded as well, even as she condemned an ant-Muslim slur directed against Omar at an event sponsored by the West Virginia Republican Party, who superimposed her picture in front of the World Trade Center towers attacked by Islamic terrorists on 9/11.

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