'Fortnite' releases Season 8 trailers for story and Battle Pass

Fortnite Season 8 is Live With All Sorts of Pirate-Themed Items and More

Fortnite Season 8 Heats the World up With Volcanoes, Pirates, and Ninjas

Fortnite's pirate-themed Season 8 rolled out on Thursday, and the latest iteration of the popular game includes some big changes to gameplay and two new locations to explore. As you're no doubt well aware, it can be annoying to try to play a game when you can't talk to the people you're trying to coordinate with.

Two new locations have also emerged from an in-game volcanic eruption, Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps. The start of a new season also means you should say goodbye to vaulted items like the and X-4 Stormwing plane, but luckily the new arrival of hot air vents make for an acceptable transportation substitute. Because of the lava.

The new Battle Pass is prized at 950 V-bucks, just like its predecessor.

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These are nearly identical to the vents from Season 6 that were in the corrupted areas, but these allow you to deploy your glider.

Where to find it: You'll find the battle star in Lucky Lagoon, a new location that is in the northern part of the map, according to Forbes.

As we said above, you can unlock the Discovery outfit by completing 55 of the Weekly Challenges in total.

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Thanks to the volcano, there's now lava and vents to look out for.

It's all covered in the new Fortnite trailer, including everything that has happened in the last few days regarding the Fortnite map. Of the seven challenges that are available this week, three of them are available to everyone regardless of whether or not you have the Battle Pass.

After braving the cold, Fortnite players are now jumping into the tropical warmth of Season 8 which launched today.

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Season 8 sees the introduction of movable cannons which can fire cannonballs or, alternatively, other players.

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