World's Largest Bee Is Spotted For First Time In Decades

World's Largest Bee Rediscovered in Wild

World's Biggest Bee: Long Lost Monster Species With 'Immense Jaws' Rediscovered in Wild

The world's biggest bee has been re-discovered, after decades thought lost to science.

The world's largest and most elusive bee has been rediscovered in Indonesia, almost 40 years since its last sighting.

Wallace first discovered it in 1858 and described the female bee as "a large, black wasp-like insect, with huge jaws like a stag beetle".

A huge bee that has not been seen in decades has recently been rediscovered in the wild. "The female Wallace's giant bee that we found was very calm and unthreatening and showed no sign of aggression toward our team".

About that sound: Touting their discovery, the team posted B-roll (!) video of Wallace's giant bee flying around in a small enclosure, its wings sounding like a deep drone compared to the high-pitched buzz of honey bees.

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"It was absolutely breathtaking to see this "flying bulldog" of an insect that we weren't sure existed anymore, to have real proof right there in front of us in the wild To actually see how attractive and big the species is in life, to hear the sound of its giant wings thrumming as it flew past my head, was just incredible", Bolt said in a statement.

"To actually see how handsome and big the species is in life, to hear the sound of its giant wings thrumming as it flew past my head, was just incredible", Bolt said.

It would be another 120 before the creepy critters were seen again, when entomologist Adam Messer rediscovered them in 1981 on three Indonesian islands. The insect is named after British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, who formulated the theory of evolution by natural selection before Charles Darwin's published contributions.

Last year, a Wallace's giant bee specimen sold for more than $9,000 on eBay.

Professor Robson was with a team organised by Global Wildlife Conservation, a Texas-based organisation that runs a Search for Lost Species program, when the bee was discovered.

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That was until nature photographer Clay Bolt hooked up with entomologist Eli Wyman, and they set out to search the North Moluccas islands in Indonesia for the missing beast.

The newly rediscovered Wallace's Giant Bee, also called "Raja ofu", or king of bees, has gained widespread media attention.

Specimens of Wallace's giant bee were last spotted in 1981 but wildlife experts are buzzing at the appearance of a solitary female.

As has been the case with other historic perceptions about bees, the king bee turned out to be a queen: the females are far larger than the males, which measure less than one inch in length. During this time, he documented some aspects of its behavior-like how it builds nests inside termite mounds.

Alfred Russell Wallace, the discoverer and namesake of the bee, described the insect as "a large black wasp-like insect, with enormous jaws like a stag-beetle", according to a copy of his journals that were obtained by Bolt.

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