United Kingdom may not in the position to ban Huawei

US President Donald Trump has been briefed in Florida about China trade talks

US President Donald Trump has been briefed in Florida about China trade talks More

The National Cyber Security Centre says that there are ways to mitigate against any potential risk posed by Huawei equipment.

While it's true there's a risk Europe could fall behind on 5G, "it is not true that this is because European service providers lack access to the right technology", Mr Ekholm said in a blog post on Ericsson's website.

China's government accused Washington on Monday of trying to block its industrial development after Vice President Mike Pence said tech giant Huawei and other telecom equipment suppliers are a security threat.

Chinese giant Huawei should not be banned from involvement in United Kingdom infrastructure despite spying fears, a report from British intelligence chiefs claims.

If true, the report goes against continued warnings from the U.S. concerning the threat posed by Huawei to Western nations.

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Nokia has 18 commercial 5G radio contracts, so "it is hard to argue that the technical capacity to advance 5G is not available to operators in European countries", Mr Mangan said in emailed comments on Sunday.

"Our review of the right policy approach to 5G security and resilience is still ongoing".

Huawei has declared that it is owned by its employees, not the Chinese government, and its technology has already been used for parts of the 4G mobile network.

And the finding would "carry great weight" with European leaders, the newspaper reported.

If eventually confirmed, "such a decision by the United Kingdom would be a strong message and could be influential in the medium term", said Lukasz Olejnik, a research associate at Oxford University's Center for Technology and Global Affairs.

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Foreign officials including a vice president of the European Union have expressed concern about Chinese regulations issued previous year that require companies to cooperate with intelligence agencies. No country in Europe, however, has issued a blanket veto on using Huawei technology in the way the US has urged. The U.S. has accused her of fraud and violating worldwide sanctions against Iran, which she and Huawei have both denied.

It should be pointed out that so far, GCHQ has found no evidence that Huawei has put backdoors or is otherwise in league with the Chinese state fuelling speculation that this has been largely caused by jingoism from the US.

Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada in December and faces possible extradition to the US. The National Cyber Security Centre said this summer that it had concerns about the engineering and security of Huawei's networks.

'We have set out the improvements we expect the company to make.

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