Seven MPs resign from Labour over Brexit row

Labour's Dudley North MP Ian Austin

Labour's Dudley North MP Ian Austin

It will make it even more hard than at present for May to get parliamentary approval for her withdrawal deal.

She said: "Most people are like my family". And it was no coincidence that Smith and others today name-checked former Labour PM Harold Wilson.

Corbyn has also been accused of permitting anti-Semitism to flourish in Labour's ranks, which he has denied.

The so-called "Gang of Four" who split from Labour issued a statement known as the Limehouse Declaration, which complained of a "drift towards extremism in the Labour Party" and supported membership of the then European Community. Corbyn, who campaigned for a Remain vote, has always been a fierce critic of the European Union. In some ways, Coffey quitting the party today may mark the end of almost three years of that particular internal struggle.

Leslie said evidence of Labour's betrayal on Brexit was "clear to see".

But that brings us to a major difficulty for today's independent group.

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No opposition leader with satisfaction scores this low has managed to unseat a prime minister in an election.

"Labour has lost sight of this and is no longer a broad church", Mrs. Coffey said, adding that antisemitism had been "rife and tolerated" by Labour, in addition to Labour and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn changing the party "beyond recognition". Yet the fact is that Corbyn can say he increased votes and seats in 2017.

But few of them now could pretend there isn't a problem, even prompting an astonishing admission from the party's deputy leader, Tom Watson, who - remember - is also elected by the members who so overwhelmingly supported Jeremy Corbyn.

MP John Healey called the move "a political dead-end that can only help the Tories and hurt those who need change most".

Some of them will argue that if other MPs join them they can build a group that exploits the hung Parliament as effectively as the DUP has.

Corbyn has come under fire from europhiles for failing to push for a second referendum.

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That's exactly what happened to one unlucky individual who got caught making some rather blunt remarks during a live BBC broadcast. Already the Jewish Labour Movement is considering whether it has a future.

In her email, Formby offered details on the extent of anti-Semitism complaints between April 2018 and January 2019, saying 673 complaints were received by party institutions about Labour members.

The MPs addressed the press and announced their resignations on Monday, and have opted to form the new Independent Group. It is no longer that party they joined.

Local Labour members in Penistone and Stocksbridge voted 27 to 20 in a general committee (GC) meeting to express no confidence in their MP.

Breitbart London reported in December at the end of a bruising year of anti-Semitism scandals for Labour that Jeremy Corbyn had made the Simon Wiesenthal Center list of "top-10" worst anti-Semitism incidents worldwide for 2018.

He added: "I joined the Party more than 50 years ago in 1968".

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Mr McDonnell risked a fresh row between Labour's leadership and its pro-EU MPs by suggesting a new public vote should only take place in extreme circumstances. Labour is the only show in town for creating a fairer Britain.

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