The Sun's royal photographer says Meghan Markle needs to 'lighten up'

Amal Clooney and George Clooney arrive at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle for the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Amal and George Clooney were guests at Meghan’s royal wedding last May

George Clooney said Meghan Markle has "been pursued and vilified" like Diana. They'll have to plan it soon since the couple is going on a royal tour to Morocco at the end of March.

Over the past couple of months, the spotlight has been on the backlash against the 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan has also faced intense interest from the unsparing United Kingdom press since her engagement to Prince Harry was announced in 2017.

Meghan, who is around seven months pregnant, wrapped up in custom version of a Calvin Klein Resort 2019 collection roll-neck dress. As we've heard, especially over the last week, with Meghan's friends stepping up to defend her, she's in the game, making moves behind the scenes.

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The Hollywood star is a friend of Harry and Meghan and he and his human rights lawyer wife Amal attended the royal wedding in May previous year.

He said: "I do want to say, they're just chasing Meghan Markle everywhere".

The letter received widespread coverage in Britain, with The Mirror newspaper consulting a handwriting expert to claim that the Duchess's writing reveals her to be "emotionally insecure and self-pitying".

In addition, Harry himself is "angry" and "upset" that his father-in-law, whom he has never met, continues to speak to the press, while Markle herself is "at her wit's end".

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Addressing the reports that Kensington Palace are monitoring their social media platforms to moderate abusive comments, Mr Edwards suggests that they simply ignore it or delete their accounts.

"If you love me, as you tell the press you do, please stop", Meghan implores her father, who has frequently spoken to the tabloid press about Meghan and the royal family.

Royal expert Hugo Vickers says the strained relations between Meghan and her father may have reached the point of no return. "She was subjected to treatment that frankly nowadays people would find utterly appalling".

Still speaking to Who, Clooney went on to defend the future royal mother, comparing the present media mistreatment of her to that of Harry's late mother, Princess Diana.

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