Why Russia Is About To Switch Off The Internet

Russia to disconnect from the internet as part of a planned test

Russia plans to temporarily disconnect the entire country from the internet

ZDNet, which originally reported the news in the USA, points out that the experiments are meant to take place before the deadline for Digital Economy National Program law amendment submissions, which is April 1. She is now president of a data loss prevention outfit called Infowatch and heads up the Russian ISPs' working group tasked with implementing the new law once it is passed.

Amid pointed questions about costs, intent, and feasibility, Russia's lower house of parliament has given preliminary approval to a bill that backers say is created to ensure the operation of the Internet in the country if access to servers overseas is cut off. The test is also expected to involve ISPs demonstrating that they can direct data to government-controlled routing points.

The draft Digital Economy National Program would see Russian Federation establish its own version of the net's address system, called a DNS, that would allow the country to remain online if it got cut off from worldwide servers.

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You could say that this test is Russia's response to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation nations threatening Russian Federation with sanctions due to the country's cyber attacks against other countries, including the United States.

So far Russian Federation has built a local DNS copy to allow its internet to keep working if local officials pull the plug on connectivity to the rest of the world.

A contained Russian internet would allow the country to withstand an foreign internet blackout and help regulate access to information at home.

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The reason for the experiment is to gather insight and provide feedback and modifications to a proposed law introduced in the Russian Parliament in December 2018. However, many copies of the internet's core address book exist inside Russian Federation, suggesting its own network could continue operating even if cut off from the global system, the BBC said. Russian Federation has been building its own localized Domain Name System (DNS) for a few years now. This is similar to the Great Firewall of China, but with the ability to maintain independence with an isolated intranet if needed. Ostensibly as a defensive measure, lawmakers want to build the technical infrastructure necessary to sustain the Russian segment of the Internet in isolation from the rest of the world.

Russian Federation plans to disconnect the entire country from the Internet briefly as an experiment to gather data and provide insights for its Digital Economy National Program.

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