Maduro accused of risking lives by blocking aid

An immigration official observes a fuel tanker cargo trailers and makeshift fencing used as barricades by Venezuelan authorities trying to stop aid

An aid worker looks at the barricade erected to stop American and Canadian aid supplies reaching Venezuela

"I say this to the people of the United States of America to warn them of the serious and unsafe intent that factions in the White House have for invading Venezuela, which would have unforeseeable consequences for my nation and for all of the Americas", Maduro wrote.

Venezuela's opposition leader and self-declared president, Juan Guaido, last week named Cucuta as one of three collection points for the delivery of worldwide aid.

The United States bends the definition of "humanitarian aid" to advance its political interests in Venezuela.

"We expect more to come", U.S. Ambassador to Colombia Kevin Whitaker said.

"We are working to coordinate the distribution of aid now, but we need Trump to continue his pressure on the military", he said. "Humanitarian aid does not substitute for the economy of a country". The Venezuelan military has barricaded a bridge connecting the two nations with a tanker and two cargo trailers in an apparent attempt to block the aid. In that sense, the governor stressed that Washington seeks justifications for the military intervention and thus seize Venezuela, its oil and mining resources.

It's unclear what will break the standoff playing out at the Venezuela-Colombia border.

Mr Guaido also dismissed Mr Maduro's claim that a civil war could break out if the USA intervenes militarily in Venezuela.

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"Brother, let the aid in".

"It deeply undermines the credibility of a government if it's forced to accept a convoy of aid from its declared enemies".

Tensions increased in Venezuela on January 23 when the head of the opposition-controlled Venezuelan Parliament, Guaido, proclaimed himself interim president of the country.

Some European countries gave an ultimatum to Maduro, urging him to call an early presidential election within eight days, and after the deadline had expired, they recognized Guaido as interim president.

Abrams, a long time Republican foreign policy player who helped steer Ronald Reagan's controversial backing of anti-communist forces in Central America - said that countries should only deal with Guaido.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido vowed to use the bridge to deliver the aid being pledged by Trump and Canada.

Venezuela's dire situation has fuelled a political crisis that has peaked over the last month with Guaido invoking a constitutional provision to declare himself the legitimate, interim president.

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Spain, Italy, Portugal were among European nations signing the declaration with Uruguay, Ecuador and Costa Rica. However, it remains unclear if aid will be allowed in by any of these routes.

Offers of humanitarian assistance are coming in from around the world.

Opening a session in Ottawa, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a contribution of 53 million Canadian dollars ($40.4 million) in aid to Venezuela.

Hua said China hoped all parties would play a constructive role in the peaceful resolution of the Venezuela issue, insisting that dialogue was the only way that long-term peace and stability could be attained in Venezuela.

USAID has begun packaging pallets of foodstuffs after Bolton's announcement last week that it would send humanitarian aid.

Maduro has refused the aid, disavowing any humanitarian crisis and saying Venezuela is not a country of beggars.

He outlined the move as part of a plan to push the military into cooperating with the opposition.

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