Venezuela Border Crossing Blocked As Venezuelans Await Aid Shipments

Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez delivers a statement at the Moncloa Palace in Madrid Spain Monday Feb. 4 2019. Sanchez told reporters we are working for the return of full democracy in Venezuela, as Spain France and Sweden join countrie

UK and other European countries recognise Guaidó as Venezuela's leader

"Committing such a crime would give even more reason for the unified countries to ask the International Criminal Court to investigate Maduro", Trujillo told reporters after a meeting with the head of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro. He accused the opposition of taking orders from the United States.

Eurasia said USA oil sanctions are "set to have a broad impact" with the government facing "the prospect of running out of gasoline, which could serve as another social catalyst".

"Unfortunately we are still under a dictatorship in Venezuela at the moment". He insisted that there is "no place for external intervention from foreign powers".

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday demanded that Venezuela's military let in US-backed humanitarian aid, which President Nicolas Maduro has alleged is a cover for invasion.

Maduro, too, has global backing, while holding practical control over the crisis-wracked nation's institutions, including the military.

Lunar New Year welcomes the year of the pig
Asia welcomed the lunar Year of the Pig on Tuesday with visits to temples, family banquets and the world's biggest travel spree. If you are lucky enough to be born in the year of the pig you are believed to be optimistic , enthusiastic and hardworking.

"We are preparing to fly in as soon as we get the green light", he said.

Guaido has picked up a slew of endorsements from European countries after Maduro rejected calls from leading EU countries to hold presidential elections.

"The United States-Brazil alliance is stronger than ever", Bolton tweeted. "It's convenient for them to let the country continue enduring this absurd crisis".

Francis acknowledged that he hadn't read Maduro's letter, which he said arrived at the Vatican via diplomatic pouch.

She added: "That's the best way to proceed rather than somebody saying 'that's it, we've had enough, we recognise X, we don't recognise Y any more".

More Rain This Week, Icy Wednesday
Periods of rain will continue on Thursday , as temperatures hit 5 C before tapering back down to below freezing daytime highs. The daytime high was 43 degrees warmer than Friday's high temperature - a remarkable increase for a 72-hour period.

"I'd like to believe this is the beginning of a new Venezuela, but I've seen so many attempts by the opposition fail, I prefer not to have false hopes", Venezuelan Carmen Perez, 67, said in a trembling voice as she bought eggs from the back of a truck.

"I ask the pope to put in his best effort, his will, to help on the path of dialogue", he said. Why should the European Union be giving ultimatums to a country?,' he said in an interview with Spanish television broadcast late on Sunday.

Monday's declaration came after Guaido made a larger-than-life appeal to Canada and its Western Hemisphere partners to end the "usurpation" of democracy in his country.

Some countries like Russian Federation and China have slammed foreign interference in Venezuela " s internal matters and supported Maduro as the President.

His hardline position is at odds with poverty-stricken Venezuelans when have been hit hardest by the country's economic collapse. "On one hand you say "Democracy, democracy, democracy"... and then you're going to topple a government with force and cheating?"

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