Duchess Meghan to hire a doula ahead of royal baby birth?

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Meghan Markle Hires A Doula For Childbirth & Prince Harry Getting ‘Coaching’ Lessons

Reflecting on Prince Harry and his wife's visit to Bristol charityOne25 - that helps sex workers with services such as a food, first aid and warm clothing - the 53-year-old described Meghan's reported idea on how to offer support as "almost beyond parody".

As the birth of her first child approaches, Meghan Markle has reportedly hired a doula to help her prepare for labour. It was previously thought that Harry and Meghan would use a hospital closer to their new Windsor home, Frogmore Cottage, for the birth of their firstborn, but staff at the private maternity ward at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, have been advised not to take holiday in April, sparking speculation that Meghan plans to have her baby there.

Meghan may be giving pregnant women everywhere a bad name, what with her glowing skin, ever-present smile, and adorable baby bump, but we see her.

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"If you had been advising Meghan Markle before this and she said, "I've got a great idea, I'm going to give a load of sex workers who are really struggling at the moment signed bananas", would you have said maybe not the bananas?" They help during the birthing process by encouraging the woman in labor to relax through breathing exercises and positions, and the help can even reduce the overall labor by two hours.

Furthermore, Lauren is now coaching Prince Harry on how to care for his wife during labor too, the news outlet states.

However, she did post on a doula-related message board online, that 'I'm busy in Spring'.

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"'Well, I am obviously not at liberty to talk about who, or who might not, be my client", Lauren told The Sun, when asked about the rumour.

Meghan and Harry chose Lauren and it was not a coincidence. "So I can't possibly.I wouldn't be able to talk to you about anything".

Whether it's the American in her or the fact that she really, genuinely has been enjoying the last few months, Meghan has kept up a pretty solid game face throughout her pregnancy. Harry is already the godfather to several of his friends' children and, of course, the fun uncle to Prince William and Kate Middleton's kiddos, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

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