Apple revokes Google enterprise developer certificate

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On Thursday, Apple granted Facebook a new Enterprise Certificate, but the company now has to rebuild "a few dozen" apps, as Canahuat explained in his memo to employees.

Google is not just a competitor - it pays Apple billions of dollars each year to be the default search engine provider for the Safari web browser on iPhones, iPads and Mac desktop computers.

On Tuesday it became known that Google was doing something similar with its own app, Screenwise. It's unclear how this will impact that deal when renewal discussions begin.

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June 2018: Apple changes the App Store rules to ban apps that "collect information about which other apps are installed on a user's device for the purposes of analytics or advertising/marketing".

29 January 2019: 7 hours after Constine's article was published, Facebook tells TechCrunch that it would shut down Facebook Research for iOS.

It appears Apple is not messing around and will gladly revoke certificates of any company - no matter how large - if it finds that company breaking the service terms of its program. One of the rules of this certificate is that enterprises should not use it to distribute apps to consumers. The app tracked the mobile phone usage habits of those partaking in Facebook's program. Instead, it was using the certification - which should only be used to create employee apps - to quietly make a consumer-accessible app, which circumvents Apple's standard review process.

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Both incidents took place after Facebook and Google were found to be running "research" apps which collected data from users.

The blocks followed a series of reports-first about Facebook, then about Google-that showed the companies abusing the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

While Google disabled the Screenwise Meter's iOS app, the Android version is still available on the Google Play Store, indicating that the market research program is still active. This update comes months after the launch of the two phones, and up until now the app used to scale iPhone XS 5.8-inch resolution on these two phones, and run in compatibility mode. Any developer using their enterprise certificates to distribute apps to consumers will have their certificates revoked, which is what we did in this case to protect our users and their data. A bunch of iPhone and iPad users who have yet to upgrade to iOS 12 report that they are unable to connect to the App Store, Apple Music, and a variety of other Apple services. It's now punishing Google, too. The license suspensions halted app development inside both companies and disrupted basic corporate functions until the privileges were restored Thursday night.

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